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Biden and Trump combat surprisingly tight

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U.S. President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden remained in a close battle for the presidency on Wednesday, despite widespread polls that predicted a clear Biden victory but appeared to be just as flawed as they were four years ago when Hillary v Clinton Trump lost.

The two candidates were in a desperate battle to win some of the Midwestern states, including Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin – the so-called Democratic Blue Wall – which Clinton had voted four years ago, with the census still ongoing. The final voting results were not expected until late Wednesday at the earliest, but one result was clear: the United States is just as polarized as the experts feared.

Trump declared victory ahead of schedule in a nightly press conference at the White House and promised to make every effort to count outstanding ballots, including before the Supreme Court.

“This is a scam for the American people,” he said, referring to efforts to count ballots in key states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. “For me, we’ve already won it.”

Biden ran for election as the 46th President of the United States, enabling him to replace one of the most tumultuous and controversial leaders in American history. In a statement made after midnight on Tuesday, Biden informed supporters that the vote could go well into Wednesday, also because of the late mail-in votes that have not yet been received. “We feel good where we are, ”said Biden. “We feel very good in Wisconsin and Michigan. By the way, it will take some time for the votes to be counted, but we will win Pennsylvania. “

If he manages to secure a victory that has not been known for days, 77-year-old Biden is expected to be a far more predictable and stable president than Trump, who has pledged to restore U.S. alliances and prestige. as well as attack COVID-19 more directly.

Obstacles remain, however, including possible legal challenges posed by the Trump campaign should the vote go down Biden’s path.

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