US Senate candidate Raphael Warnock: “Georgia is able to flip blue”

Reverend Dr. Senate candidate Raphael Warnock (D) says “a new South” has emerged and will be accompanied by demographic change that will bring Georgia, long a Republican stronghold, to the Democratic Party.

“This is a ‘new south,” “he said. “It’s more diverse. It is trend-setting. It’s included. And it’s ready to turn blue. “

“The good news is that we have registered 800,000 new voters in the state of Georgia since 2018,” he continued, noting that nearly half were minority voters and other younger voters under 30. “You are witnessing the emergence of The New South, the reversal of the strategy of the South and Georgia are the tip of the spear.”

Warnock said black voters proved to be the key to turning the state around during an election with the highest turnout in recent times. He says black voters were particularly motivated to vote and that access to health care is a key issue in this polling block. Voters accepted him, he told Yahoo Finance, because of his stance on health care.

“When Georgia refused to expand Medicaid in that state, I stood up and said we need to expand Medicaid. At that point, we had 400,000 Georgians in the Medicaid gap, ”said Warnock. “Now we have 500,000. Thanks in part to COVID-19, people are in the Medicaid void. People don’t have access to the care they need. Rural hospitals in this state are closing while we subsidize health care in other states. This not only affects our health system, but also puts a strain on our economy. “

According to the Atlanta Journal constitution, 3.9 million voters have already cast early or absent ballots in the state. There will continue to be a high turnout on election day. The state polls close at 7:00 p.m., so it will be one of the first states to release election results. In August, the state passed a rule that allows tabs to be opened and scanned Postal voting shortly after the polls are completed.

Voting already has some issues with voting machines in multiple locations, including Spalding County south of Atlanta. Emergency paper votes were used to keep up with the surge in elections. Election officials predicted crowds and long waits.

Warnock is running against incumbent Senator Kelly Loeffler (R), who was embroiled in an insider trading scandal earlier this year after financial reports revealed she and her husband Jeffrey Spokesman, chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, sold stocks vulnerable to the Covid are. 19 pandemic. Loeffler denied any wrongdoing.

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