‘In case your vote didn’t matter, they wouldn’t strive so exhausting to take it away from you’

Child: Why does voting matter?

Rickey, middle school history teacher, Cincinnati, Ohio: “Voting matters because the future matters. When I vote, I’m trying to improve the world that my children and my students are going to have to live in.”

Brenda, teaching assistant, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: “Vote because we need a president who cares about all of us.”

Nick, high school math teacher, Pottstown, Pennsylvania: “Vote because it’s time to take back our democracy, it’s time to believe in science again, and it’s time to put education first.”

Jeff, special education teaching assistant, Macomb County, Michigan: “Vote because we don’t want to go back to a system that denies individuals health care due to preexisting conditions.”

Maggie, pre-K teacher, Cincinnati, Ohio: “Vote because justice is on the ballot.”

Erika, high school English teacher, Orlando, Florida: “Whether you vote early, whether you vote by mail, or whether you wait and vote on Election Day, just make sure that you vote.”

Brenda: “If your vote didn’t matter, they wouldn’t try so hard to take it away from you.”

Rickey: “Your vote matters because you matter, your voice matters, and you deserve to be heard.”

All: “Vote because our democracy depends on it.”

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