Kansas moderator pulls out ‘receipts’ and confronts Republican congressman for mendacity on stay TV

She then accompanied her statement with a nice presentation slide depicting the dates Marshall was contacted, but that wasn’t all—she brought the receipts. In a bold and baus move, the moderator pulled out the receipts for the certified letters sent to Marshall on Sept. 29. She even had a tweet from Oct. 26 enlarged on the screen in which Marshall alleged he had a prior commitment on the day of the debate. 

All this came after Marshall blatantly lied to KSNT’s sister station, Southeast Kansas, and said that the debate seemed like a “set up” since he was not aware of it until the day before. This moderator was not down to take his shit and called him out on live television, and people loved it.

Pulling out the receipts, she said: “Just to be abundantly clear and to be completely transparent, this right here is a receipt showing we sent Congressman Marshall a letter by certified mail on September 29. We also—Bob, as we know, had just seen the tweet that showed on Monday, whether it was Congressman Marshall or someone from his campaign, that he did say that he had prior obligations, which is why—so not sure why he’s saying that he thought this was maybe some type of set up or maybe something we dropped, but definitely not the case.”

Moments after the clip was posted on Twitter, replies on how savage the moderator was flooded the thread. Check it out for yourself.

And there’s a lot more where that came from. Check out the thread on Twitter for more memes and gifs applauding her response.

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