DeJoy’s Postal Service adjustments labored shortly to gradual mail supply, watchdog report concludes

DeJoy implemented these changes without pilot programs to find out how they would go, or even a detailed analysis to anticipate the impact. And, the OIG report said, changes were “implemented quickly, and were communicated primarily orally,” which is a recipe for confusion and screw-ups.

DeJoy was billed as the guy who was going to run the U.S. Postal Service like a business. The plan to have him be the guy who sabotaged the Postal Service in an election year when vote by mail would be bigger than ever was less well publicized, at least until about 10 minutes after his “reforms” started taking effect. But even if you subtract the intention to sabotage, the plan to treat a public good—something that’s supposed to be there to connect everyone in the United States to each other, to their prescriptions, to information and goods they can’t get other ways—as a profit-making enterprise was always going to screw up the mission of the Postal Service.

This is Republican governance in action. Yeah, there’s a partisan impulse contributing to the mail slowdowns—but then, there’s usually some kind of partisan impulse somewhere for Republicans—but it’s also just part of the broader commitment to killing off any institution that doesn’t bring more profit to the already wealthy.

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