Cartoon: Make America up once more

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President Trump is throwing everything in to try and win reelection, including the kitchen sink. In this case, the kitchen sink is a completely ridiculous conspiracy theory about celebrities and Democrats conspiring to eat babies. That is the gist of the QAnon conspiracy, which Trump retweets and has refused to denounce.

Hey, he needs all the crackpot voters he can get! Amazingly enough, a new poll shows that half of Trump’s supporters believe the QAnon conspiracy. It would be funny if QAnon believers weren’t beginning to ooze their way into the political system, either by running for office or by winning the favor of sitting politicians. Oh, and this twisted conspiracy/cult has led to real-world violence.

Besides going all-in with the conspiracy wackos, Trump has become even more anti-science. The way he tells it, if you follow the advice of scientists, you’re a wimp who wants to control society with face masks. Unfortunately, the next two weeks are bound to get even crazier.

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