Michelle Obama and LeBron James workforce up for homestretch celebrations

The length of time it will take for the most popular and famous people of this nation to vote in America cannot be overstated. You want Michelle Obama? You have it. You want LeBron James? He is with us. Whatever it takes to get voters to vote, or at least to their mailboxes.

Michelle Obama's When We All Vote and LeBron James' More Than A Vote have teamed up for the last few weeks of voting to launch Vote Together “celebrations” that include “food, music, entertainment, PPE supplies, support in protecting voters "and other services in all areas offer the country. The celebrations will take place near the locations where the early voting takes place so voters can stop by before the vote, after the vote, or both. Find out where events are taking place here. Locations listed so far are Orlando, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Detroit, Los Angeles and Tucson. The events are also supported by Chef Jose Andres' World Central Kitchen.

What more do you want, reluctant voters? Do you need LeBron James to come to your home in person? Need Michelle Obama to leave you a voicemail asking you to personally help save democracy if you have nothing better to do in the next few weeks? You don't want to make these two mad at you. You have powers. You have friends. They don't want to walk down a night street in three weeks and have an angry Betty White step out of the shadows to ask you why the hell you didn't cast your ballot.

If you know anyone who may need to be nudged before election day, you can send them over here to see if they're anywhere near any of these events.

If you're interested in getting the turnout yourself, there are dozens of other ways to do it too. Here you can sign up to make calls that will encourage voters on the battlefield state, and Become a Mobilize to Win Vote Mobilizer here.

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