It seems that “blue matter” additionally signifies that girls's lives don't matter

An example of how blue life matter seems to mean that someone else's life matter has been explained by Katie Bement, executive director of a domestic violence organization in Wisconsin called Embrace. According to Bement, after posting Black Lives Matter signs at four of their organization's locations, they received "emails from local law enforcement agencies who were disturbed by the signs and interpreted them as anti-police."

Bement and others tried to explain that black and brown Americans make up a lot of people in America and supported the idea that Black Lives Matter supports the concept that black … lives … matters. They made a statement on Facebook saying, among other things, that they support their color communities and that “As an anti-violence organization, Embrace cannot end one form of violence without addressing the other, and we cannot adequately address all survivors Serve When we do not recognize and do not address the oppression and violence experienced by the most marginalized survivors. "

Unfortunately, this was a bridge too far for white supremacists and political narcissists, and on October 7th, Barron Country, Wisconsin, voted to defeat Embrace, which was to receive $ 25,000 in 2021. The vote also called for Barron County Health and Human Services director Stacey Frolik to step down from the board of Embrace.

Wisconsin Public Radio reports that a The Washburn County Sheriff's Deputy Chairman "along with the Shell Lake Police Department, Spooner Police Department, Minong Police Department and Birchwood Police Department terminated their membership of Embrace on the basis of the statement."

Since reports of this attack on the Wisconsin Domestic Violence Organization became public across the country, hundreds of people have volunteered to donate and support Embrace. They even set up a GoFundMe to replace the $ 25,000 lost to blue lives more important than Barron County's domestic violence survivors. Guess what? You have tripled that number at the time of this writing. I think more citizens cherish people's lives against the racist assholes who abuse their positions of power to terrorize color communities.

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