Trump's affect on actuality is lengthy gone as he predicts "Large Purple Wave" within the Twitter tirade of all-caps

Donald Trump showed again on Saturday that he no longer has a grip on reality and reported on Twitter to blow up attacks on Joe Biden – and the grammar.

In a tweet, Trump exclaimed: "GIANT RED WAVE COMING!"

It is important to note that while Trump can still claim another victory on the electoral college, no credible polls suggest that this election will result in a "red wave".

In just over two weeks, the most likely outcomes will range from a wafer-thin Trump victory to a possible landslide in Biden.

In a second Twitter post on Saturday, Trump uttered a lie about Biden's tax policy and at the same time, as so often, waged war against the English language.

Trump Biden Taxes and Grammar

Fact Check: Biden Plans To Eliminate Trump-GOP Tax Giveaway For The Richest Individuals And Corporations With No Raising A Dime In Taxes For Americans Making Less Than $ 400,000 Per Year.

Also grammar check: countries. *

While Trump has since deleted and republished a grammatically corrected version of the tweet, the lies remain.

The truth, of course, is that Joe Biden's economic policies will create seven million more jobs than Trump's and lead to higher incomes for middle-class Americans.

Donald Trump is completely out of control when this campaign ends

Many of Donald Trump's closest advisers and supporters hoped the president would move to a more disciplined message when this campaign ends.

But just as Trump's linchpin for president never came in the last four years, his campaign of compromise, hatred and division is unlikely to change in the final weeks of this competition.

With polls showing him on the doorstep of a humiliating loss to Joe Biden, Donald Trump is likely to get even more desperate and awkward, as his Twitter meltdown showed on Saturday.

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