The GOP is kicking our asses elevating cash for legislative races—and redistricting begins subsequent 12 months

The Democrats running for state legislature that Daily Kos has endorsed in 2020.

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You’ve seen the all of the eye-popping fundraising totals from Democrats: Joe Biden’s gob-smacking haul, Senate candidates smashing record after record, and House hopefuls bringing in once-unthinkable sums. But there’s one crucial, crucial area where Republicans are clobbering us: state legislative races.

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, which exists to help elect Democrats to state legislatures across the country, raised $13 million in the third quarter of this year. But they got swamped by their GOP counterparts, the Republican State Leadership Committee, which brought in $23 million during the same timeframe. That’s not good.

It’s especially concerning because the November elections are our very last opportunity to determine who will have power over redistricting next year following the census. If Republicans are in charge, we’ll be subject to another decade of extreme gerrymanders seeking to lock in Republican rule. If, however, Democrats can make gains in the states, we can enact fair maps and redistricting reforms.

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