Mitch McConnell refuses to permit pandemic stimuli to vote

Mitch McConnell refuses to allow the Senate to vote on a pandemic stimulus plan, but he will vote to uphold a Supreme Court justice.

Axios reported:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) Said Thursday that he would not bring into the Senate a potential $ 1.8 trillion deal struck by the Democrats and the Trump administration. "My members think half a trillion dollars, highly targeted, is the best way to go," he said.


"I propose what we think is appropriate," said McConnell when he said after Trump's "Go big or go home !!!" was asked. Policy on stimulus.

Mitch McConnell is blocking a vote on a stimulus package that everyone outside of the Senate Republicans approves is needed immediately. Instead, the Senate majority leader spends the final days of leadership before the elections ramming an unpopular Supreme Court candidate through the Senate.

Mitch McConnell won't allow a vote on aid to struggling Americans and businesses, but he will allow the Senate to establish a Supreme Court Justice that will vote to take away health care.

McConnell is foolishly betting that the rules will be the same as they were in the Obama years, when Republicans are back in the minority.

However, the Democrats plan to kill the Filibuster and lose McConnell's ability to impede a potential Biden presidency and Democratic majority.

Mitch McConnell positions the Senate Republicans for a future that is just irrelevant.

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