Barrett hearings farce reaches ultimate day as extra of her handy omissions floor

At the final day of hearings, senators on the Judiciary Committee will speak again, Republicans will move to advance to the full Senate for a vote, and Democrats will call for a week’s delay, which Lindsey Graham, the committee chair, has said he will honor. 

That would put the committee’s vote to approve Judge Barrett’s nomination on Oct. 22,” The New York Times reports. “A vote on confirmation by the full Senate is expected the following week, as early as Oct. 26.” “As early as” is an interesting phrase here, since it speaks to how quickly Senate Republicans have jammed this nomination through, but the fact that October 26 would be one week and one day before Election Day highlights the other side of the rush: It’s incredibly last-minute.

Also at Thursday’s hearing, members of the American Bar Association’s standing committee on the federal judiciary will come to say that Barrett is qualified. Then Democrats will bring witnesses to illustrate the dangers Barrett poses to regular people by limiting access to abortion and other health care, and Republicans will bring witnesses to say that Barrett is a very nice lady whose niceness means we should pretend she won’t strip tens of millions of people of key healthcare protections and send women to back alleys for abortions.

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