The Polls Look Dangerous For Trump – Right here’s Why You Shouldn’t Fear About Them

Many voters find themselves swayed by the constant bombardment of political polls pushed by the mainstream media. We’ve repeated time and again here at The Political Insider, not to worry about the polls because they are not your friend.

The problem is not that the polls are rigged and distorted. The problem is that the polls will be used after the election as “evidence” that Donald Trump stole the election again and that the Russians interfered again.

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Both in the media and litigation, the Dementia-crat narrative will be something like ‘All the polls showed Biden in the lead, but Trump stole the election, just like in 2016 when the polls showed Clinton in the lead but Trump colluded with the Russians to steal that election. The proof that Trump stole the election is in the polls.’

And the “enemedia” will run with that narrative and use it to excuse more unrest and lawsuits and obstruction of Trump’s second term. The enemedia knows the polls have no credibility, but they don’t care about credibility.

Rather they care about building evidence for another false narrative, knowing they will use them against Trump after winning.

Attorney General William Barr has not done enough to destroy the ‘Trump colluded to win the election’ narrative, and that narrative will be used again, but this time with “polls” as the basis for Hoax 2.0. The last election was the “Steele Dossier” as evidence of collusion; this election will be the “polls” as collusion evidence.

It never ends, and Barr has an obligation to cut that narrative off at the knees and inform the public before the votes are cast.


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This election is going to be determined by the Latino vote. All trends there are in President Trump’s favor. Most recent example — Telemundo poll … 66% of their viewers said Trump won the first debate.

The polls in 2016 and again in 2020 are never a factor in the enthusiasm gap. Historically, only 50% of potential voters actually vote. Those who do vote are much more likely to be enthused about their candidate—the enthusiasm advantage Trump has over Buy-den is much more than he had with Hillary Clinton.

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The mainstream media and their polls are designed to demoralize the Trump supporters. Even the social media sites are limiting conservative input, if not banning it outright. Their tyranny is easily recognizable, as well as their intent to suppress the conservative voters.

National polls in a Presidential race mean nothing… it all boils down to the states. This year’s winner of the World Series won’t necessarily be the team that scores the most runs in the series… it will be the team that wins four games first.


One theory has it that Democrats, by promoting political violence and cancel culture, have punked themselves. They create an environment where a person can be assaulted or professionally ruined merely for supporting Trump, and then they don’t see how that could affect polling accuracy.

Clearly, voters who don’t want to get hassled or lose their jobs keep their Trump support to themselves whenever possible.

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Trump is swimming against the tide of virus hysteria, and why didn’t Trump get the stimulus packages passed and give some financial relief to impoverished workers? This was like 1931 when President Hoover refused virtually any relief and so they elected FDR.

Even after all that, I refuse totally to believe Trump is down to Biden by as much or more than he was to Hillary Clinton. Sure she was bad, but at least she brought along a functioning brain!

Either these Dems are really voting for Harris (unlikely) to they believe Biden will serve out his term as a functional human (even more unlikely)



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