Specialists query Trump’s COVID-19 standing however he is hitting the marketing campaign path once more

Most of all, Trump just wants to return to his ego-stroking campaign tour. He wants to be on the road every day, Axios reports, leading one adviser to fret, “He’s going to kill himself.” Trump is starting on Monday in Sanford, Florida, with a rally some locals worry will compromise public health. 

”I’m worried about anybody that has had COVID or tested positive being out in the community in less than two weeks,” a city commissioner told The Daily Beast. “It could be the president, it could be my worst enemy. I don’t care who it is. They shouldn’t be out in public.”

”No person in their right mind would do this and risk so many people,” a local business owner said.

Biden, who has consistently tested negative for coronavirus, will be campaigning in Ohio on Monday and in Florida on Tuesday—in a safer way than the Trump signature rally, with its superspreader risks. His wife, Dr. Jill Biden, will be campaigning in Georgia on Monday and Texas on Tuesday, with polls tight in the traditionally deep red state. Donald Trump Jr. will also be in Georgia on Monday, highlighting that this is another traditionally red state that is in play.

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