Kamala Harris beats up Republicans for getting SCOTUS to do their Obamacare killing soiled work

Kamala Harris interpreted it for the American people. Republicans use the Supreme Court to do their Obamacare and kill dirty work.

Harris said at the Barrett Verification hearing:

Republicans eventually realized that the Affordable Care Bill was too popular to be repealed in Congress. Now they are trying to bypass the will of voters and let the Supreme Court do its dirty work. Because of this, President Trump has promised to only appoint judges to get rid of the Affordable Care Act. This administration, with the support of Senate Republicans, will stand before the Supreme Court on November 10 to argue that the entire Affordable Care Act should be abolished.

That will happen in 29 days. And that's a big reason the Senate Republicans are rushing this process. They are trying to bring a judiciary to justice in a timely manner to ensure they can undo the protection of the Affordable Care Act. And if they succeed, millions of people will lose access to health care at the worst possible time. In the middle of a pandemic. 23 million Americans could lose their health insurance altogether.


Kamala Harris calls on Republicans to use the Supreme Court to do their dirty work and kill the ACA.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) October 12, 2020

The senator, and possibly future Vice President Harris, was right.

Republicans are in a hurry to get Barrett re-elected so she can hear arguments on Obamacare's lawsuit. There is no other reason for this dangerous hearing. Republicans couldn't repeal the law themselves, so they are manipulating the Supreme Court to do their dirty work for them in the middle of a pandemic.

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