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funningforrest writes –The daily bucket. I feel a little parched: "The truth, of course, is that it's not a desert here yet. No water from the sky does not mean that there is no water around. You just need to know where to look. There are three small streams that flow down from the north facing slopes of the mountains surrounding the American Valley. If you want to see some water just visit them. This first stream doesn't have a specific name. But usually this stream flows all year round.

The blue metal railing is on a very small bridge over this stream (upstream). I call this bridge the "Troll Bridge" because as a kid playing here it can be kind of scary at night. This is on the bike path that used to be a railway line. But there is a lot more water here than I expected.

Funningforrest writes –The daily bucket. Meanwhile back at the ranch …: "October 7th, 2020. It's been a full month since I took a walk in the Leonhardt Ranch Learning Landscape, directly across from where I live. It was far in autumn, it was time to see what was out there. This is one of my favorite places to look for birds and other wildlife. (…) The Feather River Land Trust protects critical springs and habitats for thousands of wildlife and plant species in the largest watershed of the Sierra Nevada – a source of drinking water, agriculture and hydropower for 27 million people. Since 2000, FRLT has protected 59,000 acres of ecologically and culturally important landscapes in the Feather River watershed. We are partnering with private landowners to obtain priority land in three regions of the watershed: Lake Almanor, Spanish & Indian Creeks, and Sierra Valley. "

Quiilayute River on the Olympic Peninsula
The red arrow points to the mouth of the Quillayute River, the Olympic National Park is dark green.

OceanDiver writes –Dawn Chorus: On the Quillayute River: “We have a tradition of going to a special place on the Olympic Peninsula every year during the winter season. That is not the case this year because of Covid as the place where we stay has been closed since spring and this will likely remain for some time. As a memento of this stretch of coast, I publish some bird pictures from last year's trip at the end of October 2019, which I have never shared here at the time. We spend the night in one of the huts that were rented out by the Quileute Indian tribe. Their reserve is the very small portion of their original land around the mouth of the Quillayute River. A narrow strip of land to the north and south is part of the Olympic National Park. Hiking trails take you to wilderness beaches, for those who can walk: Second Beach and Third Beach to the south and Rialto Beach to the north of the river. I'm becoming increasingly disabled so I can't walk far, but I can walk to First Beach in front of the cabin and on either side of the river. Most of these pictures come from there. Some of the pictures are from previous years, of birds that I didn't get any photos of last year.

OceanDiver writes –The Daily Bucket – Otter Families in the Bay: "September 2020. Salish Sea, Pacific Northwest. A quiet bay near my house is popular with river otters. I see them there pretty regularly. There are a few houses on this bay, but they are only used occasionally in the summer, so most of the time otters can freely walk back and forth between the water and the wetland / forest next to it (or houses: one of the summer people once told one Long story about what it took to evict and exclude a family of otters who had moved into their crawl space. There are otter trails and at least one cave in the blackberry thicket on the beach. Usually there is only one otter that I have in the bay See fishing. I've seen two families of them lately. One family of otters is a mother and their current year pups. Otters are born in spring, weaned in summer, and then stay with their mother until next spring to help out Ropes and learning about the neighborhood. (WDFW River Otters) One day I saw a group of four otters doing something on the edge of a small island in the bay men. Then another group paddled over from the shore and climbed onto the island. A couple of them waited a bit and looked behind them; a few minutes later another paddled by and joined them. They were clearly all a group. The second family climbed on a flat, bare patch and rolled around for a while. "

Rad bug on my county road
Wheel bow

lost in the ozarks writes –The daily bucket – forgive us for entering …: "Douglas County, Missouri. October 9th, 2020. It has been a busy week and as a result I missed my daily walk a couple of times and dropped out a couple of times. When I finally got the chance to run today, it seemed that October had finally decided to get colorful. When that happens, I sometimes get off the beaten path and go into the fields I normally walk past. Yes i am an intruder! But can you blame me (…) For most of the year, walking in these fields is an invitation to be attacked by biting insects. But when the weather cools down and the hay is ready it becomes much safer to hike through. Nobody lives here anymore, so nobody really cares that I am here.

The lipstick pig writes –Today is World Octopus Day! "Today's Orion Magazine email was titled "What Has Eight Legs and Three Hearts?" You referred to an article by Sy Montgomery, "Deep Intellect," from the magazine several years ago. They say it's the most read Orion article of all time. Since today is World Octopus Day, they reached out to her again and she wrote a new article: "Why I need you to take World Octopus Day seriously." After seeing Montgomery's "Soul of an Octopus" and then read “Other Thoughts” by Peter Godfrey-Smith, I'm a big squid fan. (I'll admit, I almost bought an octopus toilet roll holder from one of those catalogs that come in the mailbox.) I mean, How can you not love a creature with three hearts!?! To celebrate World Octopus Day, I'm sharing Orion Magazine's (and Sy Montgomery's) lovely octopus deals in case you missed that it's World Octopus Day and that this is something to celebrate!

IMG_3278.JPG "class =" width-xl "src =" "title =" IMG_3278.JPG
"Whitey" Bulger, named by the author for the bulge in the neck when the heron swallows a fish.

6412093 writes –The Daily Bucket – The West Side Gang is moving in: "I've been tracking herons and herons that I've worked and run on for 20 years. I've worked on a golf course in Banks Oregon, 20 miles west of Portland. We've had a heron all year, and everyone Autumn visited and fished a heron for a few days which annoyed the heron resident on the golf course. Then I noticed that heron (or another) visited heron (or another) 10 miles further east at a rainwater pond again in early winter and then disappeared. Dived that spring an off-season heron about two miles east at Bethany Lake. It's a little early to migrate again – again. This local heron also shadows or skips the heron and moves its fishing spots east in response. " Icepick "Willie the Heron is not going to give this world-class fishing ground to the West Side Egret Mob! The local Red Winged Blackbirds are attacking both sides and use their advantage in terms of number and mobility. "


Lefty Coaster writes –60 minutes puts climate change at the center of the report on 4% of California Burning This Season: "Tonight, 60 minutes made the California fires and climate change her top story. At least 31 were killed in the largest forest fires in California history. The east defends itself against twice the number of tropical cyclones. And what is perhaps the highest temperature ever recorded on Earth came in August in the United States. It's a hot 2020 and it was forecast 32 years ago. In the 1980s, a NASA scientist named James Hansen discovered that climate change caused by carbon emissions was upon us. His graphs from three decades ago accurately traced the global rise in temperature up to 2020. Thom Porter: These are fires that when I started in this business no one in California had ever dreamed of. Not even close. The California fire department chief Thom Porter started in this business in 1999. That year just over a million acres burned. By 2007 it was one and a half million. In 2018 two million. Almost four million acres have been burned so far this season. "

xaxnar writes –Climate change sucks – everywhere: “Okay, so small potatoes compared to all the hurricanes that have happened so far and the west coast on fire, but still not fun. A strong front recently swept through gusts of wind at 60 mph. Trees, power lines and roads are blocked everywhere. They are starting to get power back, but over 100,000 were affected in a wide area from New York to New England. A few months ago a thunderstorm hit the area around my house – and sat there for most of the day. It didn't go any further; it just kept raining. We are nearly 5 inches in just a few hours. It was a local event but it wasn't fun and there were some flash floods. Extreme weather events; Prepare to deal with them as they will become more common. I have two portable generators, but the house isn't wired up yet to run critical systems – which is exactly what I can plug in. In two months it would be really bad. At least it is sunny and mild today. "

ClimateDenierRoundup writes –Help for Curry Crowdsource Examples of "Deceptive Thinking from Climate Science": "Earlier this week, Dr. Judith Curry made a post on her blog about climate etc and asked for help with something she writes about cognitive prejudice and logical fallacy. Apparently she could "use some help" to clarify the definitions of terms like " Ad hominem with "Examples from Climate Change". The very first cognitive bias listed is the affirmative bias, which she describes as "the tendency to seek or interpret information in a way that confirms one's own prejudices". For example, if you were Judith Curry, and I wanted to write about cognitive prejudice and logical fallacies in the climate room, but didn't have any examples on hand. That's why you asked your blog residents to give you examples to prove the point you are aiming for. This could be an affirmative bias. So we'll put aside for now that they "How we are wrong"Post looks a lot like an example of affirmative bias. And we will only briefly mention that if you want an actual expert to pick up on errors and misinformation, John Cook has you covered.

Media-Kit-scaled.jpg "class =" width-xl "src =" "title =" Media-Kit -scaled.jpg

AmericaAdapts writes –Inside Out: The Grief, Trauma, and Fear of Climate Change (and What To Do) Dr. Renee Lertzman: " In episode 121 of America adapts, Doug Parsons host Dr. Renee Lertzman. Dr. Lertzman is an environmental psychologist and founder of InsideOut project, an upcoming resource hub and emerging community of practice that unites activists with clinical psychologists. Doug and Renee argue What is climate grief and fear? Steps that individuals and organizations can take to address these issues and take action; the value of emotional intelligence and How adaptation and mitigation have more in common than you think.

Extreme weather & natural phenomena

Ian Douglas Rushlau writes –NOAA has issued serious warnings about Hurricane Delta. Now cat. 4, will hit the Gulf Coast this week.


7 am update. We now have Tropical Storm Delta in the Caribbean. The system is expected to land somewhere along the northern Gulf coast as a hurricane later this week. Now is the time to put your hurricane plans into action. #lawx #mswx

– NWS New Orleans (@NWSNewOrleans) October 5, 2020

AKALib writes –The Hurricane Delta will be the 7th major storm on the Gulf Coast this year: "The Hurricane Delta, now a major Category 3 hurricane, travels over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico towards the Louisiana coast. With sustained surface winds above 115 mph, winds are expected to increase to 125 mph over the next 12 hours before weakening a little and landing on late Friday evening. The storm will bring high winds, heavy rains, and tornadoes on its way through LA and MS to TN.

ScreenShot2020-10-09at2.07.41PM.png "class =" width-xl "src =" " title = "ScreenShot2020-10-09at2.07.41PM.png

e2247 writes –Hurricane Delta landed as a Category 1 Saffir-Simpson Scale ─ 8 p.m. 21 miles east of Lake Charles: "Hurricane Delta Intermediate Advisory – National Hurricane Center 8:00 p.m. CDT Fri October 09, 2020. Cat 1 is a very dangerous wind causing some damage: Well-constructed half-timbered houses can damage the roof, shingles, vinyl siding, and gutters. Tear large branches from trees and trees with shallow roots can be overturned. Extensive damage to power lines and pylons is likely to result in blackouts that can last a few to several days.

Oceans, water, drunk

Dan Bacher writes –Attorney General Becerra proposes Trump administration plan to build Shasta Dam: “On October 5th, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra posted a comment David Brick of the Bureau of Reclamation against efforts by the Trump administration to raise the Shasta Dam up to 18.5 feet. You can find a copy of the comment Here. Reclamation has been pushing the dam elevation proposal for years to bring more water from the Sacramento River to the Westlands Water District and other wealthy agribusinesses in the San Joaquin Valley. The Winnemem Wintu Tribe, other California tribes, environmental groups, and fisheries organizations oppose the proposal, saying the plan would destroy endangered salmon and steelhead populations and flood the remaining sacred sites of Winnemem Wintu. In the commentary, Attorney General Becerra argues that the proposal by the US Bureau of Reclamation (Bureau) is based on an "incomplete draft of a supplementary environmental impact statement." "


AKALib writes –Cherries – An advertisement from the Biden / Harris team on climate change and nutrition: "This new ad from the Biden / Harris team is considered by many to be the first The presidential campaign ad focused solely on climate change. It is Dedicated to climate change and its impact on the future of nutrition, described from the point of view of farmers. The farmers in the ad plead that we need to address climate change now so that they and their grandchildren can continue to produce food for Americans and the world. Although the YouTube video is dated October 3rd, it appears to have been released today.

Pakalolo writes –The Biden / Harris climate plan can buy us time to prevent the worst effects: “Vice President Joe Biden's climate plan has received rave reviews all over the world. Many hope that the US carrot-and-stick approach at home and abroad can help us buy time in our struggle for a world worth living in. It won't be easy, but perhaps the following news summaries will alleviate the fear and anxiety that so many of us are feeling. Nick O & # 39; Malley of the Sydney Morning Herald writes: But the US is not only battling a pandemic and the resulting economic collapse, but also a relentless civil war sparked by a toxic election campaign. As a result, Democratic candidate Joe Biden's adoption of the most ambitious climate action plan any great party in a great nation has ever drawn has received far less attention than he likely deserves. Washington Governor Jay Inslee, one of the party's many leftists who spoke out against Biden on environmental grounds and has now accepted his candidacy, described Biden's plan as visionary. "

Poopdog Comedy writes –CO-Sen: HuffPost, "Sen. Cory Gardners (R) Climate Conspiracy Theory 2017 Reveals Recording": "From The Huffington Post: Faced with an uphill battle for re-election in a state where two-thirds of the voters are registered queried in the last month said they favored a Senate candidate who promised "aggressive action" on climate change, Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner (R) has paid off as a "national leader" in climate problems and running three separate Show to call yourself a pragmatic environmentalist. But in an audio tape received from HuffPost in 2017, Gardner squirms out of questions about what the cause is Climate change rather than relying on conspiratorial thinking that efforts to curb carbon emissions are part of a broader plan to "control the economy". "There are people who want to control the economy because of their belief in the environment," Gardner said in a previously unpublished interview with a local newspaper columnist in his hometown of Yuma County in rural east Colorado. "Absolutely there".

green and blue writes –Tie Republicans to the fossil fuel anchor they have seized: “After Biden and Harris beat their respective opponents in televised debates, I have a simple question for our candidates. Aggressively and passionately embrace the transition from fossil fuels to renewables. It's a winner. We need it for the sake of humanity. In the debate with Kamala Harris, Mike Pence repeatedly thought he had caught Harris in a fracking corner. He lied about the release of energy that follows Trump's years of sucking up coal. Don't you worry, Democrats. It's an opening, not a corner. Here are some things to repeat as often as advertising for fossil fuel jobs or when ducking over China. There are more jobs in renewable energies than in fossil fuels. The green economy is coming. Other countries are intensely committed to this future. They'll happen to us if we don't make the transition. China advanced in extendable and clean Energy investments because they include science and renewable energies. If they stick to fossil fuels, they will dominate the future energy economy. "

Lefty Coaster writes –Greta Thunberg supports Biden – vote "to protect science instead of destroying it": "Good news.


I never deal with party politics. But the upcoming US elections go beyond that.
From a climatic point of view, this is far from sufficient and, of course, many of you have supported other candidates. But I mean … you know … damn it!
Just get organized and let everyone vote #Biden

– Greta Thunberg (@GretaThunberg), October 10, 2020



skralyx writes –Physicists throw off the glove! Fusion in 2025: "We Believe It Will Work": “It is hard to exaggerate how much the world would change if the success of net energy generation through nuclear fusion were successful. A mini sun on earth on request. But every time you hear about fusion, the schedule for it seems to have been extended again. It's always 20 or 30 years away, isn't it? Well, here's a refreshing change, to say the least: The Journal of Plasma Physics just released one Special edition that, based on 7 posts involving 12 different research teams, states that, due to recent advances in theory, design and materials, the first working demonstration of net energy generation through nuclear fusion occurs without the need to add external heat as soon as possible it gets going has been postponed by a decade. It is now planned for 2025. Joe Biden will be in the chair because this thing catches fire here in the US. It's close enough that you still own some of the same underwear. (OK, um … I will anyway.) The glove was thrown down! "

Control fossil fuels and emissions

ClimateDenierRoundup writes –Wyoming Taxpayers Fund Dark Money pro-coal lobby group – like it or not: "Usually dark donors try their best to hide their involvement in the front groups they fund – that's the whole point of starting such a group rather than just doing it yourself. But occasionally there are other reasons as well. At a press conference last month, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon proudly announced that the state would contribute $ 250,000 in taxpayers' money to the Energy Policy Network. That doesn't exactly sound scandalous … if you don't know what the vaguely named Energy Policy Network is doing. (And unless you've caught last year's IndyStar feature probably not on them!) Now you will thanks to a Piece released Friday by Wyoming Public Radio and WyoFile. The story of Andrew Graham and Cooper McKim provides a comprehensive overview of the Energy Policy Network's nine-state campaign to prevent coal-fired power plants from being shut down. Armed with internal notices, interviews, and regulatory intelligence, the research shows how Wyoming taxpayers are funding the industry's response to the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal campaign.

Dan Bacher writes –Governor Newsom pledges to conserve 30% of land and coastal waters by 2030 if oil drilling increases: "California Governor Gavin Newsom today signed an executive order making California the first state in the country to commit to preserving 30 percent of the land and coastal waters by 2030. Accession of 38 countries to this nature protection obligation. While some environmentalists praised the order, other public interest groups were not impressed, and Food and Water Watch instead urged the governor to “do so Go back to the drawing board and tackle the state's biggest polluters head-on. "The group criticized him for expanding California's oil and gas drilling operations during a year of unprecedented pandemic, record heat, and record fires. You can find the text of today's Executive Order here Here and a copy can be found Here."

Dan Bacher writes –Alliance Launches Advertising Campaign To Pressure Governor Newsom To Stop Drilling California: “During a year of unprecedented epidemic, record fires, and record heat, CalGEM, the California agency, which regulates oil and gas drilling, has approved over 1,540 new oil and gas drilling permits to date. In light of this expansion of fossil fuel drilling in California, the Last Chance Alliance, a coalition of over 750 climate, environmental justice, and public health groups, has launched an advertising campaign urging Governor Gavin Newson to stop drilling for oil as part of his plan to stop to tackle the climate crisis, according to an Allianz press release. The ads guide the target audience where they can act. Since Newsom became governor in January 2019, its regulators have approved a total of 7,071 oil and gas drilling permits in California, according to a data analysis by Consumer Watchdog and the FracTracker Alliance. ”

Trubludude writes –Fracking must end: “Biden's position on fracking is … problematic. The recovery of natural gas by injecting toluene, benzene, and hexane into the porous shale substrate of entire counties along the Ohio River watershed and sensitive coastal areas is not a "transition" or "bridge" to anything other than an ecological disaster. Gulf Energy executives on Unitization Calls (an undemocratic land grab process that enables the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to force reluctant landowners to allow fracking under their property) admit that there is no guarantee that the chemicals in the shale substrate remain included. In addition, only 50% of the toxic sludge produced can be used and still has to be stored in above-ground holding ponds. These ponds are poorly regulated and as rainfall increases due to climate change, the more likely they will flood, releasing the toxins into the groundwater and devastating property value. You wouldn't believe how cheap and undesirable property is once it has been fracked. "

Alan Singer writes –Coal: A Trump betrayal on two fronts: "As president, Trump appointed company executives and lobbyists to self-regulate the coal while collecting large campaign checks from the industry. The Trump administration has also worked to undermine the Obama administration's Clean Power Plan to cut carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants. But despite Trump's promises and fruitless efforts over the past three years 75 coal-fired power plants and 15 percent of US coal capacity have gone offline. Another 70 coal-fired power plants are to be closed. This is the fastest decline in coal fuel capacity in history. In 2017, over 30 percent of US energy was coal. It is estimated that coal power will drop to just 20 percent in 2020. After Donald Trump promised his presidency would revive coal, coal mining jobs fell by 5,300 and 12,000 jobs were eliminated by coal-burning companies.

GoodNewsRoundup writes –Biden won't have anyone from fossil fuels on the transition team: Day 79 of 100 days he loves Joe Biden: "In a new ethics plan released from his campaign, Joe Biden signaled that he Not allowing fossil fuel company executives on his transition team if he wins the November general election. He will also limit Lobbyists from his presidential transition team. Under the new rules released on Wednesday, members of Mr Biden's transition team must pledge not to work on political matters that may pose a financial conflict of interest. Transition employees are not allowed to buy or sell individual shares without the consent of the general counsel of the transition team, former Facebook attorney Jessica Hertz. "The plan aims to ensure that members of the transition team adhere to the highest ethical standards, act solely to promote the public interest, and base all political and personal decisions on merits that are free from individual conflicts of interest," said the Ethics plan.

Renewable energies, efficiency, energy storage and saving

A seal writes –Clean Energy and Department of Defense in the Biden Harris Administration: "From Marine Corps outposts that use solar panels to reduce diesel (and therefore fuel) needs by about 50 percent to Hybrid electric ships reduce fuel consumption by around 15 percent With the installation of LED lights during the installation of solar panels that proliferate in military facilities, the DOD energy picture has really changed over the past 20 years. These measures will almost certainly save the ministry (and taxpayers) money over the entire lifecycle, since taking Energy Smart measures is usually (almost universally) also tax-intelligent measures. More importantly, these measures improve skills while reducing risks. Nehmen wir das Hybrid-Elektroschiff: Eine höhere Kraftstoffeffizienz führt zu einer größeren Reichweite (z. B. mehr Leistung) und geringeren Anforderungen an das Betanken auf See (und damit zu einer geringeren Anfälligkeit). Wen interessiert es (zumindest in der Abteilung), ob mit diesen echten Vorteilen ein Cent gespart oder die Umweltverschmutzung verringert wird? Eine energieeffiziente inländische Basis mit erneuerbaren Energiequellen innerhalb des Kabels könnte dem Steuerzahler Geld sparen und gleichzeitig die Umweltverschmutzung verringern, ist jedoch im Hinblick auf die DOD-Mission angesichts (natürlicher oder künstlicher) Bedrohungen des Stromnetzes weitaus widerstandsfähiger. Obwohl in den letzten zwanzig Jahren viel passiert ist, gibt es immer noch erhebliche Möglichkeiten, die DOD-Funktionen zu verbessern, die Ausfallsicherheit zu erhöhen und die finanziellen Belastungen durch Praktiken, Richtlinien und Beschaffungen von Energy Smart zu verringern. "

Ein Siegel schreibt –Besser zurückbauen: Ist Virginia führend? „Wenn es um saubere Energie, Klimaschutz und die Förderung einer stärkeren Wirtschaft für kommende Generationen geht, befindet sich Virginia heute an einem ganz anderen Ort als noch vor einem Jahr. Die Kontrolle der Gouverneure und der Legislative durch die Demokratische Partei im Januar 2020 veränderte die saubere Energielandschaft des Commonwealth. Mit der Verabschiedung des Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA) und des Beitritts des Commonwealth zur regionalen Treibhausgasinitiative (RGGI) hat das Commonwealth bis 2045 einen Weg zu einem 100% kohlenstofffreien Energiesektor eingeschlagen und erhebliche Energieeffizienzanforderungen festgelegt. und hat Mandate für bedeutende Investitionen zur Bekämpfung von Umweltungerechtigkeiten. Auch wenn es viel mehr gibt, als getan werden kann (und wird), könnte Virginias Sprung vom Nachzügler für saubere Energie / Klimaschutz zum Führer durchaus Lehren für 2021 ziehen, da Präsident Joe Biden und Vizepräsident Kamala Harris mit dem Kongress und den Gouverneuren zusammenarbeiten die Nation zu Besser zurückbauen. Montagabend, als Teil seiner landesweiten Bemühungen, Rationalität und wissenschaftlichen Respekt wieder in das Oval Office zu bringen, Saubere Energie für Biden (CE4B) hostet a virtuelles Panel Montagabend mit vielen Führungskräften in Virginia für eine saubere Energiezukunft. "


robctwo schreibt –Saturday Morning Garden Blogging Band 16.41, auf dem Weg zum Wechsel der Jahreszeiten. Ein Fototagebuch. Hier ist eins:

IMG_3507.jpg "class =" width-xl "src =" "title =" IMG_3507.jpg


Benutzername4242 schreibt –Erkunden Sie den Castle Trail im Badlands National Park! (Video): “Mein Wanderführer zum Castle Trail im wunderschönen Badlands National Park in South Dakota.


ClimateDenierRoundup schreibt –Die Souveränität der Stämme entkleiden, EPA-Administrator Wheeler Springs-Falle 2005 von dem ehemaligen Boss Inhofe gelegt: “Zurück im Juli, ein Urteil des Obersten Gerichtshofs in einer komplizierten Frage der Gerichtsbarkeit gab es eine überraschend einfache Entscheidung. Das Urteil erkannte an, dass die östliche Hälfte von Oklahoma immer noch den indianischen Nationen gehörte, die dort Reservate angelegt hatten, nachdem sie aus ihrer angestammten Heimat im heutigen Georgia, Alabama, Florida und Mississippi auf die Spur der Tränen gezogen waren. Julian Brave NoiseCat schrieb im Atlantik dass es "einer der wichtigsten Fälle des Obersten Gerichtshofs aller Zeiten sein könnte", weil es "anerkennt, dass der Kongress die Reservierungsflächen, die 1866 für die Muscogee Creek Nation reserviert wurden, nie ausgelöscht hat". (…) Und wir können jetzt sehen, dass die Kräfte der Kolonialisierung und Extraktion nicht in Kürze anfangen werden, diejenigen zu respektieren, die dem Profit im Wege stehen. Ti-Hua Chang berichtete gestern in TYT Die EPA von Trump hat beschlossen, die Teile der Entscheidung des Obersten Gerichtshofs, die sie zum Sturz befugt fühlt, wirksam rückgängig zu machen. Wie kann die Bundesregierung eine Gerichtsentscheidung so leicht ignorieren? Denn in diesem Regierungsspiel der Stein-Papier-Schere schlägt die Justiz die Exekutive, aber die Legislative die Justiz. So the Supreme Court ruling is constrained by Congress — courts enforce the laws Congress writes, after all. And back in 2005, Congress approved a midnight rider on a transportation bill. These two paragraphs paperclipped on to the 836-page SAFETEA transportation bill said that if the state of Oklahoma requested, it could seize environmental regulatory control from the tribes in the state.


trumpeloell writes—Breakthrough Earth: Some milestones to a post-scarcity civilization: “After reading yet another dismal Foreign Affairs article (‘Rogue Superpower: Why This Could Be an Illiberal American Century’ by Michael Beckley) about the diminished human future we can expect even after Trump’s departure, I decided to write a pure Blue Sky piece about an alternative future. I won’t claim this is a ‘progressive’ vision: there is no way to disguise the massive amount of human disruption and suffering we have set in motion with overpopulation and climate change, and though there are paths to a better world through the coming fire, it couldn’t be a completely familiar world we would end up in. And the humans in that world couldn’t be entirely familiar creatures either. In Star Trek, whenever the differences between the humans of the Federation and those of the past became obvious, the writers waved them away with an airy ‘we evolved.’ But that process of ‘evolution’ is never explained.”


Meteor Blades writes—Earth Matters: Solar, wind installations soar; $ 1.29M Earthshot Prizes Started; Eco Latinas on YouTube: “Trump regime “sitting on” Fifth National Climate Assessment:: The assessments are mandated by Congress to be generated at least once every four years, which means work on the 2022 report needs to be underway now. But the White House has yet to put out a call for scientists to get going with it. "It’s not being approved to go out, so therefore they’re just sitting on it,’ Donald Wuebbles, a climate scientist at the University of Illinois and co-author of the fourth assessment, told ClimateWire. This report, published in 2018, clearly set out the case. ‘Earth's climate is now changing faster than at any point in the history of modern civilization, primarily as a result of human activities.’ Donald Trump tried to keep the fourth assessment out of the news by releasing it the day after Thanksgiving in 2018.

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