Additional Barrett's efforts to cowl up her previous uncovered questions on Republican well being

She worked on the case for at least six months from June 2000, according to court records. This case "involves one of the largest nonprofit bankruptcies in US history at $ 1.5 billion, resulting in numerous investigations including a criminal investigation." It is not unreasonable to believe that she only worked on a short list of cases, New York University's Prof Stephen Gillers, an expert on ethical rules and judges, told NBC. But this one stands out because she worked on it a large part of the time she practiced, and that raises a red flag. "The fact that a client is indecent for any reason would not hinder their validation. Prominent companies represent indecent people," Gillers said. Is it sloppiness on your part? Did she leave it out because it was healthcare related and she was on the "wrong" side of destroying a hospital system? Republicans are trying to bring them to justice before arguments in the Affordable Care Act case are heard. They are confident that she will vote to repeal which may make her participation in the Pittsburgh case relevant.

This comes after Barrett has come under fire for failing to reveal important, pertinent information. Like subscribing to a two-page ad published in the Indiana South Bend Tribune that asked for Roe v. Overthrowing Wade to end his “barbaric legacy,” demanding and defending an end to “abortion on demand”. Furthermore, Barrett has not disclosed that she served as a "maid" in People of Praise, a right-wing extremist fundamentalist religious group with charismatic Catholicism. People of Praise has stripped their entire website of any mention of Barrett.

What else is Barrett hiding in her file and who is helping her? Barrett has a clear pattern of hiding relevant information. If this were to happen to the Democratic President candidate, Republicans would go ballistic. Instead, they move as fast as they can. With all the evidence we've seen so far, you might advise Barrett to cover up so much of her past. Because these are people who do everything to get their way, to maintain a minority government and extend it to the Supreme Court.

Like possibly covering up coronavirus infection from Justice Committee chairman Lindsey Graham, who absolutely refuses to be tested ahead of a Saturday debate with Democrat Jaime Harrison. There is no good reason for Graham not to get tested unless he has good reason to believe the test will be positive. There are already four Republican committee members who have tested positive or are being quarantined for exposure to the virus – Mike Lee from Utah and Thom Tillis from North Carolina, both tested positive. Did Ben Sasse from Nebraska and Ted Cruz from Texas say they tested negative but were quarantined? Following those revelations last week, Republicans have absolutely halted further testing within their ranks, adding to fears of another cover-up on their part. It didn't help when members talked about showing up sick in "lunar suits" or "to cast their votes".

One of those potentially sick Republicans made waves – and revealed exactly what is happening here to the Barrett confirmation process – after Wednesday's Vice Presidential debate when he tweeted this:


Democracy is not the goal; Are freedom, peace and prosperity. We want the human condition to flourish. Rank democracy can thwart that.

– Mike Lee (@SenMikeLee) October 8, 2020

He tries to pretend there is a great philosophical reason for maintaining minority rule. They have the electoral college, a Senate majority that got a minority of the vote, extremely partisan gerrymandering, and rampant electoral repression, but they could still lose the White House. To stop that, Lee says right there, they will rely on a 6-3 Supreme Court to block an elected democratic agenda.

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