I'm not indignant Trump walked away from Pelosi's stimulus invoice modifications, she tried to slide into pork

Accuse Nancy Pelosi of fueling the economy. President Donald Trump and his team negotiated in good faith while the Democrats loaded the bill with things NOTHING to do with COVID relief.

If the Republicans had wasted time on "Porkulus" and Trump had signed it, it would have spilled over like a fart in the church to Trump's base.

Nice try there, genius.

The Democrats and their greed are costing millions of Americans the money they need because the Democrats shut down a Chinese-made and widespread biological warfare virus that would never have got here if Trump's EO suspended immigration and closed our borders.

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Well, because over a trillion dollars can't be laundered by Democratic pressure groups, most of which are funded by George Soros and thugs like him, and then reimbursed by laundering OUR tax dollars through groups like the Kennedy Center for the Arts (you gave the DNC $ 5 million immediately after the initial incentive).

The Democrats are ALWAYS on the wrong side of the well-being of the American people, all for their own personal power – pure evil.

When I get a standalone Stimulus Check Invoice ($ 1,200) it goes IMMEDIATELY to our great staff. I am ready to sign now. Do you hear nancy @MarkMeadows @senatemajldr @kevinomccarthy @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer

– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 7, 2020

A few weeks ago

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A few weeks ago, Rep. Nancy Pelosi said no deal because "why should we want Trump to win right before the election?"

She wasn't in the mood for a real deal if she didn't get everything she wanted. Including bailouts for every dem state and city that refuses to open its economy. (mostly for political reasons)

She turned down 1.6 trillion, which would likely have given her some of the trash she wanted.

If Trump loses the election for proven fraud; He should only veto and process judges until his term expires and withdraw from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.


Let voters know that it was Nancy Pelosi who, on the back of ordinary Americans, tried to extort money for those states and cities that absolutely ignored their voters except as political farmers.

BREAKING: President Trump said he had instructed aides to halt negotiations on a coronavirus relief plan until after the election. Trump's announcement comes as Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell warns that the recovery could stall without further federal stimulus. https://t.co/tP5vAorRoa

– The Associated Press (@AP) October 6, 2020

They opted for a blank check mentality where you never have to pay anything. Well the Pied Piper showed up and now it's time to pay. They put in place socialist guidelines that prove what happens when chickens finally come home to settle down. It left them with great deficits.

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However, what impresses me most is that these governors like Cuomo, Whitmer, Murphy, and everyone found it entertaining to mock Trump and hold him responsible for their own bad decisions.

The propaganda machine commonly known as the media pit portrayed him as an idiot, an idiot, and one who has no business acumen and so is among them, and I enjoy the fact that he had the last laugh.

Trump has proven once again that you can only go to the well that often before it dries up. He has shown them once again, with a clarity that should not be confused, that you are moving away from bad deals, especially when those deals will negatively affect taxpayers and their children for generations to come.

Perhaps the voters of these really broken states will have to hold these Democrats accountable for the chaos they find themselves in.


Unfortunately, even most avowed conservatives, and certainly most Republicans, have lost sight of what I consider conservative. The Tea Party tried to do it all through money – religious law focused almost entirely on morality …

What was almost lost was that instead of asking what the government can do for my cause, we should ask, "Why do we let the government do something EXCEPT what it has to do?"

If we lose our freedom here, there is nowhere to go. This is the last stand on earth. And this idea that the government is committed to the people that it has no other source of power than the sovereign people is still the newest and most unique idea in the long history of man's relationship with man.

That is the subject of this election. Whether we believe in our ability to govern ourselves or we give up on the American Revolution and confess that a small intellectual elite in a capital far away can plan our lives for us better than we can plan for ourselves.


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