Barr tries to get federal prosecutors to intrude within the election

Attorney General William Barr has lifted a longstanding ban on the DOJ's interference in elections.

ProPublica reported:

Avoiding electoral disruption is the overarching principle of DOJ policy regarding voting crimes. The directive, which has been in place since at least 1980, generally prohibits prosecutors not only from making announcements of an ongoing investigation near an election, but also from taking any public action – such as an arrest or a raid – before a vote is complete, as the Tipping the public could be the balance of a race.

According to an email sent Friday by an official with the Washington Public Integrity Department, federal investigators will be allowed to conduct public investigations prior to the conclusion of the election if a U.S. law firm suspects election fraud involving postal workers or military personnel are. even if these measures could affect the outcome of the elections.

The attorney general is trying to use the Justice Department to compromise election results and help Donald Trump stay in power. Barr tries to give Republicans ammunition to delegitimize and contest the elections.

This strategy will only work when the choice is near. If Donald Trump loses Florida, Texas, Iowa, North Carolina, Arizona or other red states along with Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, it will be impossible for Republicans to contest the election when they are blown out of the water by Biden and Harris.

Trump cannot end the Joe Biden campaign. He cannot get Biden, so the only option he has left is to use the power of the government's executive branch to tip the election in his favor.

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