No matter’s occurring with older voters in Florida, it isn’t good for Trump

What none of those polls demonstrate is the strength Trump showed last cycle with the voting bloc. In the meantime, the state’s polling aggregate gives Biden a two-point edge over Trump among likely voters statewide.

Trump’s major missteps with older voters appear to be his abysmal handling of the coronavirus and the fact that he and Republicans continue to threaten Social Security. 

Harry Nesteruk, who has voted Republican in every election since 1964, plans to cast a ballot for Biden this fall, particularly because of Trump’s pandemic response. “He just totally mismanaged it,” Nesteruk told the Wall Street Journal, “So buyer’s remorse? Yes.”

“I really got sick of him when he did not wear a mask,” Joy Solomon, a 65-year-old from Boca Raton, told Politico. “He just lies about everything.”

Roger that. Looks like lying isn’t playing very well to older voters in this life-and-death situation. Imagine that.

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