Leaked e mail exhibits normalized and racist mentality of Louisville police division

The email begins: “I know it is hard to keep our thoughts and opinions to ourselves sometimes, especially when we, as a whole or as an individual, become the target of people in the public who criticize what we do without even knowing the facts.”

“These ANTIFA and BLM people, especially the ones who just jumped on the bandwagon ‘yesterday’ because they became ‘woke’ (insert eye roll here), do not deserve a second glance or thought from us. Our little pinky toenails have more character, morals, and ethics, than these punks have in their entire body.”

Hallahan also claimed that officers and their families were being “doxed” for speaking the truth and encouraged officers to come to her office to “bitch about it” if needed.

“Do not stoop to their level. Do not respond to them. If we do, we only validate what they did. Don’t make them important, because they are not. They will be the ones washing our cars, cashing us out at the Walmart, or living in their parents’ basement playing COD (Call of Duty) for their entire life,” Hallahan wrote.


Messages like this only makes the situation worse

And there is dignity in washing cars and working at Wal Mart. Acting like those who have those jobs are lesser is unacceptable from a police officer

— Matt Jones (@KySportsRadio) September 23, 2020

While the department did not comment on the email, local politicians shared their thoughts with the Courier Journal. Metro Councilman Brandon Coan said that the email was “shocking” because it seemed “out of character” for Hallahan. “I’m disappointed,” he told the Courier Journal. “I think it’s a totally unacceptable attitude of any police officer and extremely poor leadership from a major. I think she owes the community an apology and she’ll have to deal with the consequences of her conduct.”

Councilman Bill Hollander, whose district is also covered by the Fifth Division, didn’t believe an apology would be enough and suggested that Mayor Greg Fischer remove Hallahan from her position.

“I think it hurts the entire department,” he said in reference to the email. “It’s making constituents wonder what kind of people we’re really employing and promoting to leadership positions. And that’s very unfortunate. Our police officers have a very difficult job and they don’t need this kind of inappropriate communication.”

Hallahan confirmed to NBC News on Thursday that she sent the email, and that  officers have been “supportive.” She also told the outlet that she retires in six days.

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