Day by day Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 AM ET!

click right HERE
go to and click on the embedded player or direct link there
iPad and iPhone users can download the SHOUTCast Radio app for your mobile device & search for “Netroots Radio”
download the Stitcher app and search for “Netroots Radio” to find the live stream there (Don’t forget to use the DAILYKOS promo code when you sign up!)
for Android: try either the “StreamFurious” or “TuneIn” apps
Blackberry users, see this guide by idbecrazyif
for a VLC player, right click on the banker VLC player screen, select open network and copy the link address and drop it in the URL entry field (thanks to windsong01 for the instructions on that one)
Find us on TalkStreamLive

And here’s a new tip: If the player hiccups or drops the audio between the shows, just go ahead and stop and restart it, and things should go smoothly after that.

If you miss the show, or just can’t listen live, you can:

Things you can do to support the show:

Be a part of the show! Record your reading of an article, an original essay, or other thoughts, and email the files for us to include on the show.
Sponsor us with recurring donations on Patreon or PayPal, or choose your favorite way to make a one-time contribution, via

And if you’re new to Square’s app, why not try it out using this share code, that puts $5 in your account (and $5 in mine!) when you use it to send your first $5 (to anyone)?

Thanks for all your support, and enjoy the show!

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