Bangladesh’s GDP tops almost all Asian countries amid corona crisis : Information Minister Dr. Hasan Mahmud

Bangladesh’s GDP Hold Top Position Among Most Asian Country

Information Minister Dr. Hasan Mahmud today talked about various things. In the very beginning, Dr. Hasan Mahmud praised the journalist for there brave roles during the Covid-19 situation and prayed for the early recovery of the journalist who is infected with COVID-19. He also prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul of those who died due to COVID 19.

There he mentioned that even during the Coronavirus epidemic wheels of the Bangladesh economy has been kept moving for dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Recently Asian Development Bank (ADB), also shared some statics that supports this claim.

As per the record of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), In 2020 the growth of GDP in Bangladesh is 5.2 percent, while the GDP growth is minus 9.0 in India, minus 5.5 in Srilanka, minus 0.4 in Pakistan, 1.8 in China, minus 8 in Thailand, minus 7.3 in the Philippines and minus 6.2 in Singapore. Recently the information minister came up with these observations at a view exchange meeting with newsmen at the meeting room of his ministry at Secretariat in the capital.

Bangladesh GDP Forecast
Bangladesh GDP Growth Rate (Source :


He said many people expressed their apprehensions of having a sorry state of the economy, life, and livelihood when general leave was declared in the country and everything got stuck due to the Coronavirus. Many predicted that the country would face a horrible situation in terms of life and livelihood, he added.

But, the information minister said, apprehensions of all including experts at home and abroad have been proved wrong and not a single person died due to starvation for proper leadership and pragmatic steps of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. There has been no dearth of food in the country during the last six and a half months for the financial assistance provided to people and implementation of economic stimulus, he added.

The information minister said it has been possible only for the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. “Premier Sheikh Hasina successfully involved masses in combating the pandemic and also the leaders and workers of Awami League. The leaders and activists of Awami League devoted themselves to combating the epidemic responding to her (Sheikh Hasina) call,” said Hasan, also AL joint general secretary.

Referring to the Premier’s round-the-clock works, he said Sheikh Hasina didn’t sit for a single day during the last six and a half months. She didn’t only hold meetings of Cabinet or ECNEC, but also held meetings with different district and divisional level administrations regularly for facilitating other works, he added. The information minister said these works were stopped in many countries, “but it was not stopped in our country”.
For this, the wheels of the country’s economy keep running.
Hasan said there were criticisms regarding the handling of the Covid-19. “But, the situation of Bangladesh in combating Covid-19 is better than in other countries. The rate of death among the infected people is 1.4 percent while it is 1.6 percent in India, 2.09 percent in Pakistan, 10.36 percent in the United Kingdom, 9.46 in Belgium, 6.71 percent in Germany, and 3 percent in the USA,” he added.

The information minister said the death rate would be less if the people would go for tests. “I would like to say that the scale of diagnosis of Coronavirus in Bangladesh almost matches Japan, meaning we are in a better position in combating corona,” Hasan added.


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