We Can Win This Factor For America’s Future, We Simply Want To Cling In There

Radio was always the troubled medium for the left. As Rush Limbaugh’s popularity grew, all these left-wing competitors would emerge and fail.

Why? Because radio is more a difficult medium to use emotional appeals and provides the opportunity for immediate pushback that the written word does not.

It’s harder to use emotion to sway opinion with the written word.

And it certainly cannot use the same techniques as TV, which uses imagery to push its message, often times in direct contradiction of the truth.

And nowadays the left doesn’t even try to tell the truth.

They call these anarchy protests mostly peaceful as a building in flames is covered by the reporter on the scene. The only successful radio of the left is NPR.

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And you could argue major market sports radio whenever sports jumps into politics – generally to their own detriment.

Opinion Is The Norm For The Mainstream Media

It used to be there were Democrat and Republican papers in almost every town of any size.

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And as we moved into the televised media world, and the inevitable maturation of the print business, there was a contraction in papers.

If we are being fair and calling balls and strikes down the middle, Obama was not held accountable for the division in America, that was put on Republicans.

He gave a couple of race speeches and the media got wet because of how he sounded but that’s all it was #realtalk #wdshow

— W.E. Dupree (@WayneDupreeShow) September 18, 2020

Often there would be a merger of papers with two editorial boards. But eventually, even that stopped.

And as with many other things, the liberals seized the control of the message.

Journalism institutions don’t teach you the facts anymore; it’s more drive the news these days.

The major daily in every central metropolitan area is liberal – New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, and many more.

Except occasionally for the Wall Street Journal opinion page, conservative viewpoints never find the space printed page.

On television, it is worse. Yes, Sinclair does own many TV stations – the only major media company that is not liberal.

CNN and MSNBC are straight on liberal mouthpieces, especially at night.

ABC, CBS, and especially NBC are notoriously slanted organizations, whose viewers knew nothing of Antifa, or BLM’s real purpose, or who thought the KKK was ready to take over the country even though they have never in their history been more impotent.

Fox’s nightly opinion shows are so popular because there is nowhere else to go, but on the news side, since Rupert’s sons are running the show (or more accurately, their wive’s social circles are), you see some of the same embargoing of pro-Trump or anti-Biden news.

Fox’s mistake is that their audience can see they are doing it.

Oh – and if you want media mouthpiece – how about the Journo-List debacle lining up talking points – which is still happening by the way.

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Mainstream Media Has Forgotten This!

The children running the MSM have forgotten the first rule of the Fourth Estate – report the truth.

Give the public facts. The MSM is indeed Pravda-The Next Generation, and it will go the way of the Original Pravda.

It has dramatically damaged itself, and if it doesn’t turn its ship around in the next four years as Trump makes America great again, all but their most die-hard fans will abandon them.

Ad revenues will nosedive, and there will be more layoffs.

Unfortunately, the majority of Americans aren’t willing to put in the time and effort to read several media sources to attempt to ascertain the truth.

They choose a source where they receive confirmation bias and don’t give it a second thought.

After all, there are more important things to do, like checking in with what the Kardashians are doing, posting selfies on social media, and making stupid videos of on TikTok.

Let the name of Tik Tok be stricken from every book and tablet. Stricken from every pylon and obelisk of Egypt. Let the name of Tik Tok be unheard and unspoken, erased from the memory of man, for all time.

So let it be written, so let it be done. 🤣 #wdshow

— W.E. Dupree (@WayneDupreeShow) September 18, 2020

How Do We Fix The Media Problem?

Two changes could strangle the MSM–at least TV media.

First, allow cable TV customers (or streaming) to buy individual channels (a la carte) rather than being forced into purchasing pre-selected packages of channels they don’t want.

CNN would crater in a week if we could delete them from a group cable package. And cancel their airport monopoly.

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Second, break up the monopoly of media ownership (also break up Big Tech).

If the trust of ownership were diluted, it would significantly diminish the power of the Enemedia.

If both were accomplished, it would dramatically level the information playing field.

If everyone said it is a-la-carte or I disconnect, the cable companies might change, but it would initially be a significant loss.

Then I believe they would significantly increase their subscribers. They might even have to upgrade their infrastructure to handle the load.

The fight isn’t over my friends. We can still win this, we just need to hang in there.


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