Celeb Biden Surrogate Arrested For Allegedly Producing Baby Pornography

Jerry Harris, a celebrity Joe Biden surrogate, has been arrested by the FBI and charged with the production of child pornography.

Harris Had Sex With And Solicited Explicit Pictures From Minors

Harris, featured in the Neflix docuseries “Cheer” as a cheerleader, had his home raided by the FBI on Monday, as part of an investigation into whether the star had been soliciting sex from minors.

The investigation was based on allegations by 14 year-old twin brothers that Harris had repeatedly harassed them, both at cheerleading competitions and online, for over a year, when he was 19 and they were 13.

The FBI is executing a search warrant at a home in connection to an investigation of allegations that Netflix “Cheer” star Jerry Harris solicited nude photos and sex from minors. —   Photos by Sandy Hooper, @USATODAY. Go to https://t.co/E7GeG4oucm for more information. pic.twitter.com/02AFJfNfbn

— Sandy Hooper (@SandyHooper) September 14, 2020

On Thursday, Harris was officially charged with a federal count of producing child pornography.

According to federal court records, he also admitted to FBI agents that he had sex with a 15-year-old at a cheerleading competition in 2019, paid a 17-year-old for photos, and solicited explicit sexual Snapchat messages from 10-15 minors.

Acted As A Biden Surrogate Three Months Ago

Harris had acted as a Biden surrogate only three months ago, the Washington Free Beacon reported. The Biden campaign used Harris, who has over 1 million followers on Instagram, to promote voting among the youth as part of their campaign to “win back the internet.”

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“I had the opportunity to speak with Vice President Joe Biden a few days ago about some really important issues facing our country right now, in particular young adults and the Black community,” Harris wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post.

“Check out part of our conversation about voter apathy and why it is so important that we all register to vote. Together we have the power to make a real change!” he continued.

Instagram post of Biden with Netflix influencer who had his house raided by FBI now deleted, but we took a screenshot https://t.co/Nps8wk0k4R pic.twitter.com/6DX2Tstk1H

— Brent Scher (@BrentScher) September 15, 2020

Definitely Don’t Spread This About!

The sentence “Biden surrogate charged with producing child pornography,” is really an incredible one when you think about it. It’s certainly one the Biden campaign would wish to scrub off all social media.

It would be a real shame if everyone kept mentioning this fact as much as they could, wouldn’t it?

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