Trump marketing campaign medical doctors picture of Biden in Fb advert, attempting to make him look older

That’s the guy trying to make Biden seem old.

It’s a close race between Donald Trump and Facebook for which is most dangerous to America’s political and social systems. Combined, they’re a disaster. The Trump campaign, in conjunction with Trump’s denials of having had a series of mini-strokes (which no media organization had reported), has been running Facebook ads that have doctored images of Joe Biden, in which he’s made to look older.

Strangely, the campaign is also running the same ad with the picture unadulterated, without the darkened filter. Both ads have the same text, labeling Biden “Sleepy Joe,” and asking for help hitting “1 MILLION responses!” (i.e., send money). They are apparently testing which image gets the better response, and Facebook is, as of mid-day Friday, allowing it.

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