That is probably the most wrongheaded, idiotic, and harmful pundit tackle Black Lives Matter

For starters, yes, white support for #BLM has dropped—from its peak. Today’s 40% is a significant increase from the 34% of white Americans who supported the Black Lives Matter movement before the national protest movement. It was only 28% during the Charlottesville protests in 2017! 

What we’re seeing isn’t a drop in support, but an increase in opposition, and that’s coming almost entirely from white people who hadn’t previously taken a stance—people who likely didn’t even know #BLM existed until recently. And would you be surprised to hear that most of that movement is coming from Republicans?

These Republicans didn’t even know #BLM existed until Fox News and Donald Trump decided to scream about the “mobs” to try and ride racial resentment to electoral victory. That’s what’s moving these numbers! 

White Democrats, of course, are solid allies, 88-4 supportive. But what about white independents?  

Yes, there has been erosion, as “independent” runs the gamut from Bernie socialists to tea party radicals. It’s a generic term devoid of ideological meaning. That said, there is still 44-39 plurality support for Black Lives Matter among those white independents. And the broader trend is still up—from 27% supportive after Charlottesville, to 34% before the protest movement, to 44% today, This group has seen some of the most dramatic movement among all demographics! 

So to summarize—

Support for Black Lives Matter is up among white people;
Support is up among white independents (which retains plurality support);
Opposition is up among Republicans; so
Dumbass pundits want Biden to explicitly attack the movement.

Sounds ridiculous, right? The idea that Joe Biden should denounce Black Lives Matter—a movement and an idea that over the long term has more supporters now than ever before—because a bunch of Republicans decided they don’t like what the group stands for, is absolutely nonsensical.

That should be reason enough to reject those ridiculous suggestions. But here’s one more: 

Trump vs Biden polling aggregate.

Joe Biden is winning (comfortably!) and the race hasn’t budged during the entire protest season. 

Shocking, right, that newfound Republican opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement wouldn’t change the horserace numbers? Who would’ve thought? 

So why the hell would people panic and demand Biden do something as morally bankrupt, divisive, and self-destructive as attack the Black Lives Matter movement? 

P.S. When we talk about “white Americans” opposing Black Lives Matter, understand that we’re talking about “older white men.” 

Support for #BLM
Net support
White men
white women
Whites 18-34
White men 18-34

White men truly do live in another American reality. 

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