Wisconsin Legal professional Normal Calls Trump A Catalyst For Chaos And Tells Him To Keep Out Of Kenosha

Wisconsin’s attorney general Josh Kaul has joined the state’s governor in telling Donald Trump not to come to Kenosha.

Attorney General Kaul tweeted:

This admission that the Trump team is thinking about how it can benefit from chaos and violence happening during this administration is appalling. 3/

— Josh Kaul (@JoshKaulWI) August 30, 2020

Instead of thinking about what’s best for Donald Trump’s campaign, he and his advisors—for once—need to think about what’s best for the people he was elected to represent and not come to Kenosha this week. 4/

— Josh Kaul (@JoshKaulWI) August 30, 2020

While Donald Trump has spoken about law and order, he has pardoned his allies, flouted the law, and spewed hate and division, day after day, from our highest office. He is a catalyst for chaos and a threat to the rule of law. 6/6

— Josh Kaul (@JoshKaulWI) August 30, 2020

It is clear that Wisconsin officials don’t want Trump in Kenosha and are worried about the damage that his visit might do to the community. Trump isn’t coming to Kenosha to bring people together and heal a city. He is trying to stage a law and order photo op and divide the country.

The governor of Wisconsin has urged Trump not to come, and the Attorney General has joined added his voice to the growing list of those who don’t want Donald Trump tearing apart a fragile community for political gain.

Trump isn’t wanted in Kenosha, but that isn’t going to stop him from showing up.

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