Opinion: A felony can’t get up for legislation and order

No sane person believes that Trump and his corrupt administration care about law and order. They take care of terrifying white people. However, during this week's RNC, the lying hypocrite Mike Pence claimed that the upcoming elections would be about law and order.

Trump has broken the law and his oath to uphold, defend and support the U.S. Constitution since his very poorly attended inauguration. In fact, many of Trump's top cabinet members, including aspiring preacher Mike Pence, have intentionally and overtly committed perjury countless times. also during the affidavit before the United States Senate. To say Trump has decimated any sense of "order" in the government is a gross understatement, but now filthy liar Pence is claiming that "law and order will be on the ballot paper" in the upcoming general election.

Trump would not know law and order if it came to him in Times Square, introduced himself warmly, and then shot him right in his bloated orange face. So it is an abomination that he should base his campaign on "law and order" when his government is continually breaking the law and the US Constitution. a run that began immediately after he took office and continues unabated; including a recent breach of the Hatch Act.

It is likely that many Americans will understand that Trump not only promises more "law and order" to frighten whites' lives, but also promises that if he is re-elected he will repeat the law enforcement methods he used against peaceful protesters in Washington DC and Portland Oregon has applied. If Trump gets a second term, he will no doubt claim that the people hired him to pursue extrajudicial "law and order" tactics similar to those in the tyrannical dictatorships he envisions for America. But that's not what this little screed is about; The hypocrisy of a punishment that claims law and order is its particular cause for Célèbre.

If Trump had handled law and order or law enforcement, he would not have spent much of his tenure in the White House demonizing federal law enforcement agencies. He has often referred to federal law enforcement officials as human scum. He even replaced the military's criminal justice authority for political gain. Trump has no use for law and order, which makes his claim to be a law and order leader an abomination.

If Trump were interested in the law and constitutional order from afar, he would not go with impunity to defy the decisions of the Supreme Court. something he can get away with because his attorney general will never do the work his office requires; Enforce federal laws and high court rulings. It is noteworthy that if Republicans in the House and Senate did their due diligence, Trump would not violate any law, including countless parts of the U.S. Constitution. The GOP's refusal to hold Trump accountable for the country's laws makes them as guilty as their corrupt standard bearer.

The list of laws, rules, and constitutional orders Trump violated is extensive, but some of the most obvious are violations of the Emoluments Act, anti-nepotism laws, obstruction of justice, abuse of power, and use of the White House. the “Volkshaus” to sell Trump brand products.

It's also worth noting that many members of Trump's cabinet committed perjury during their Senate confirmation hearings. In fact, Trump's primary lackey, Mike (preacher) Pence, lied like the evangelical dog he didn't learn about admitted criminal Michael Flynn secretly working for foreign governments until revealed on television in early March 2017. However, Representative Elisha Cummings sent him a letter to Pence in November 2016 informing Preacher Pence about Flynn's work for foreign governments. Pence just lied, as his boss naturally does.

It is very likely that most Americans understand that Trump or Pence or a member of the corrupt government has no regard for "law and order". What many Americans understand is that Trump's idea of ​​law and order uses the military, the vigilante group, or the mercenaries to punish other American citizens for exercising their first adjustment right to peaceful protest or their oath in support of the United States Constitution adhere to. something that Trump regularly violates with impunity.

No doubt Trump will be able to get some Americans to support his re-election bid based on his law and order pledge. It is just as likely that the voters who scare Trump know he is corrupt but support him because he will speak to other Americans who share his and their worldview about people they believe are in "their country." “Have no place, disagree.

Donald Trump is a criminal and just because Republicans in Congress and Attorney General William Barr refuse to hold him accountable for his many crimes does not mean he is not a criminal. A criminal is any person who breaks the law. They don't need to be arrested or tried and tried, they just need to break the law. And if you're a criminal hypocrite like Donald J. Trump, you're running a law and order campaign for the White House.

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