Trump Is Suing Pennsylvania To Block Votes From Being Counted

Trump asked a federal court to require the state not to count any ballots that were not sent in using the USPS.

Marc E. Elias of Democracy Docket tweeted:

🚨BREAKING: In a late-Friday filing, Trump and @GOP ask Federal Court to BLOCK the counting of mail-in ballots cast in Pennsylvania via drop boxes, that lack inner envelops, or have been delivered via third party.

This assault on voting rights will fail!

— Marc E. Elias (@marceelias) August 29, 2020

Trump’s legal filings clearly lay out his plan to suppress the vote. Trump is trying to eliminate any other form of mail-in ballot delivery to force voters to use the Postal Service that he is slowing down. Trump is trying to create a bottleneck, so that ballots are invalidated by local election boards because they did not meet the arrival deadline.

The Trump plan to delay the mail-in swing states like Pennsylvania and Michigan will not work if voters drop off their ballots at the local board of elections. Ballot drop off boxes are nothing new in Pennsylvania. It is unlikely that a federal court will intervene in a state-run election, but

Trump understands that the effort to suppress in-person voting is useless if people vote by mail, so he is trying to stop mail-in voting in swing states at all costs.

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