Louisiana police fired 11 instances, killing Black man as he walked away

Each day after Louisiana police fired at a Black man 11 times, killing him as he walked away from them, protesters took to the streets of Lafayette in peaceful demonstration, but one protest on Saturday ended with even more police violence, CNN affiliate KATC reportedProtesters blocked traffic near a police precinct, and officers in riot gear released flares and smoke canisters after first warning the crowd. Interim Lafayette Police Chief Scott Morgan said the protesters who organized the demonstration during the day were not the same people there Saturday night who “choose to be malicious.” “Our intent is not going to be to just let people disrupt our town and put our citizens and our motorists and our neighborhood in danger,” Morgan said. “We’re going to use those resources that we have and those other agencies and we’re going to enforce these laws.”

By Sunday, nearly 200 protesters had returned frustrated that police don’t seem to have the same commitment to ruling out police brutality. Many of the demonstrators in the city about 55 miles west of Baton Rouge were there demanding accountability after the death of 31-year-old Trayford Pellerin Friday outside of a gas station, according to The Daily Advertiser. Police claimed Pellerin was carrying a knife when they initially shot a Taser at him then fired at him. Video of the incident showed more than eight officers on the scene. Three officers have been placed on leave since the shooting, but it’s unclear if they were involved in the shooting, KATC reported.

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