DeJoy’s household firm was sued over surprising racism, sexual assault, wage theft, and extra

Serious question: Are there any ‘major Republican donors’ who haven’t been?

Part of Trump Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s credentials for handling a government agency as large and spread-out as the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is his creation of New Breed Logistics, a family shipping company that would eventually become a 9,000 employee operation and be sold off for $615 million, enough money that DeJoy could become a major Republican donor. That’s not the primary credential DeJoy has, of course; DeJoy’s primary qualification for a role in Trump’s hyper-corrupt basket of grifters is that DeJoy is heavily invested in shipping companies that are not the USPS, and therefore stands to make a serious chunk of change if he can either redirect a larger chunk of the nation’s mail to those companies or, alternatively, sabotage the constitutionally-mandated USPS severely enough to cause those redirections to become nonoptional.

But DeJoy’s business credentials may also be taking a hit as well, after new scrutiny. VICE did some compiling of past lawsuits and found that DeJoy’s “family” company, New Breed, was in many cases a rather gross and sketchy place to work. New Breed was the subject of lawsuits relating to sexual assault, sexual harassment, racism, wage theft, and union busting.

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