Jared Kushner collapses when requested concerning the pandemic technique

Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, chattered randomly and couldn't answer what his and Trump's strategy is to get the coronavirus under control.

Transcript by Kushner in the Face of the Nation:

Brennan: However, I would like to know how the task force is actually convinced at the moment. Should it curb the spread of the virus or, as Dr. Atlas, the new advisor to the task force, says really only isolate and protect high-risk people at risk?

Kushner: You see, we know a lot more than we did five months ago. When we had 15 days to slow the spread, it wasn't 15 days to get rid of the virus. It was a global pandemic that infected the whole country. It should slow the spread and make sure we have the resources we need. We have a lot more knowledge of who the virus is targeting, and we've created a lot of opportunities to help people who get it have a much more harmless experience with it.

We're taking a much more strategic approach that we're going to take until we have a fully approved vaccine. We try to get the best possible results. Even Dr. Fauci said this week that lockdowns are not the answer and we need to find a way to harness the resources we need to live the most normal lives possible while adhering to the restrictions that help us reach as many people as possible possible to save and keep our economy as healthy as possible. When this is over, we won't have destroyed our country to get through.

Brennan: Right. But what is the strategy in terms of – do you want to include? Because if you are Dr. Listening to Atlas, this new advisor, he talked about protecting the vulnerable. But according to C.D.C. 45% of adults, half of Americans, have comorbidities, asthma, diabetes, and obesity. Much of the United States is at risk here. Do you think you are in control of the virus?

Kushner: Yes, but if you look at the people who unfortunately succumbed to the virus, most are over 70 years old and most are in nursing homes. So we doubled and tripled to get the right P.P.E. To the nursing homes. I came today to speak about the historic breakthrough that the President made for peace in the Middle East. This is a strategy we've been working on for the past three and a half years.

Kushner was asked several times what the White House strategy was and he babbled a lot when it wasn't about related topics, then got grumpy and tried to change the subject.

Trump thinks Jared Kushner is clever because he summarizes many words in meaningless corporate language. Jared Kushner couldn't describe the strategy exactly because there is no strategy.

Trump and Kushner hope the virus will go away. There is no plan to save American lives, just empty words.

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