Kamala Harris choose wildly in style with Democrats and Democrats’ most loyal base: Black voters

Harris also drew much higher approval among independents than disapproval, with 44% supporting the choice, 27% disapproving, and 28% having no opinion. That gives Harris room to grow among independent voters.

Similarly, an ABC News/Ipsos poll released Thursday showed Harris’ upsides to far outweigh her drawbacks, with 47% calling her addition to the ticket either “excellent” or “good,” while just 29% labeled it “poor” or “not so good.”

Donald Trump trailed both Biden and Harris in his overall favorability rating:

Trump: 39% (Trump’s job approval also stood at 39%)
Biden: 51%
Harris: 45%

Both Biden and Harris got a favorability bump from the announcement, according to Politico, with Biden hitting his highest favorability rating yet following the news. In July, Harris’ favorability rating in the poll stood at just 33%—meaning she got a 12-point bounce after the announcement.

Otherwise known as excitement!

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