Postal Employees Union President Warns That Trump Is Sabotaging The Put up Workplace

Mark Diamondstein, the President of the American Postal Workers Union, warns that the Postal Service is under attack and being sabotaged by Trump.

Diamondstein told MSNBC’s Ali Velshi on All In:

The justification that’s in the press is these are cost-cutting measures, but this is not the United States postal business. That’s not its name, and that’s for a reason. It is the United States Postal Service, and it’s here as a service. And, so, especially in a pandemic, the idea of cutting hours, the idea of complaining about overtime when we have had 40,000 postal workers quarantined since March.

Somebody has to fill in those hours, and those fluctuations are normally done with overtime. Here we are, as you pointed out, front line essential workers in these dangerous and challenging times proudly still binding the people of this country together, and this is a time that we’re coming under attack. We’re coming under sabotage, and we’re being undermined. It is really shameful.

Trump and his big donor Postmaster General are intentionally slowing down the delivery of the mail so that mail-in ballots don’t arrive at election offices in time to be counted on Election Day. Trump has gone as far as to have mail sorting equipment removed from post offices, and the Republican Secretary of State in Ohio ordered that no county is allowed to establish ballot drop off boxes beyond one at the board of elections.

Trump is losing the election, so he is sabotaging the Postal Service to limit mail-in voting.

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