Arizona child man’s anti-mask mood tantrum goes viral after his son picked him as much as carry him away

The man approaching baby man had heard enough.

As baby man was throwing a fit, his son (or sons) were clearly increasingly embarrassed as they held him back and tried to persuade him to back off. They also probably knew this might end up on the internet because he was so out of control and another shopper was filming. He did not back down. He kept throwing insults and calling employees names until another shopper, a much larger man, decided he was going to make time for baby man that day.

As soon as our valiant defender walked up to baby man and began having words, the whole temperature changed. Baby man’s entourage turned to see who was approaching with words of his own and they all instantly knew it was about to go down and baby man was about to learn a hard lesson. They wanted no part of it, so in an instant, the man’s son began aggressively pushing him toward the exit and when baby man resisted and continued screaming insults, his son picked him up and carried him all the way out of the store.

And now people cannot stop laughing at the image of this “tough” guy being completely picked up and carried out of the store like an insult-slinging toddler in need of a time-out. 

Bye-bye, baby man. Just wear a mask next time.

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