The White Home claims Trump is engaged on the golf invoice virus invoice

The White House now claims that Trump is fully available and that he is working on the Coronavirus Aid Bill while playing golf.

NBC News' Kelly O’Donnell tweeted:

The President is back at his Virginia golf course today. Sec. Mnuchin told reporters that the president is fully available to negotiators working towards an open aid agreement. Mnuchin said he and CoS Meadows had spoken to the president eight or nine times this weekend about the talks.

– Kelly O & # 39; Donnell (@KellyO), August 2, 2020

The last White House cleanup took place after White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and finance minister Steven Mnuchin were caught by reporters who claimed Trump was directly involved in the negotiations during the game of golf. The administration officials admitted that they had not spoken to Trump since the negotiations began on Saturday.

During a pandemic in which hundreds of thousands of Americans have died and millions have become ill, Donald Trump wants the nation to believe that he is working on a pandemic relief bill between golf club hits.

Trump is playing golf while the Americans are suffering from the worst simultaneous economic and health crisis in US history.

If the White House put as much effort into dealing with the corona virus as they do to cover up Trump's loveless laziness, the country would not be mocked all over the world.

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