Joe Biden is approaching the ultimate resolution in regards to the working mates

As Joe Biden approaches the announcement of his election as Vice President, the top candidates and their supporters make final appeals.

The campaign has not yet set a date for naming a runner, but three people who spoke anonymously about the plans said that a public announcement was unlikely to take place before the week of August 10. That's a week before the Democrats hold their gathering to officially nominate Biden as their presidential candidate.

Biden said in May that he hoped to name his election around August 1, and told reporters this week that "he would have a choice in the first week of August." Above all, he stopped saying when he would announce this election.

Running comrades are often announced on the eve of a congress. As he prepares to make his choice, a committee that has been set up to screen potential running comrades has provided information to Biden. Biden is likely to begin face-to-face meetings with those affected soon, which could be the most momentous part of the process for a presidential candidate who values ​​personal relationships.

Leading candidates include California Senator Kamala Harris, California MP Karen Bass and Obama's National Security Advisor Susan Rice. However, considerations remain fluid, and the campaign has reviewed nearly a dozen possible running comrades.

"For Joe Biden, this is the time of the crisis. After all the scrutiny, all the investigations into potential candidates, it's now up to Joe. It's personal," said former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, in charge of the Vice President in 2008. "It's about his gut feeling now."

Biden representatives declined to comment on the story.

The selection is the most significant choice that Biden has faced in his almost five decades of political career. He has agreed to select a woman and is faced with the task of selecting the first black woman to attend a presidential ticket.

Given the historical significance of the moment, some Biden ask not to let the announcement take too long.

"I feel that the vice president himself, who has gone through this process, is aware and aware that people do not hang out there too long," said democratic strategist Karen Finney. "There certainly seems to be a bit of media hype, and I think we need to be aware that it will eventually become unfair if the candidates are considered."

When a decision looms, the camps fight for their position.

Harris & # 39; allies mobilized this week after Politico reported that the Audit Committee co-chair, former Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd, was concerned about Harris & # 39; hard work was in the debate phase and that she expressed no regrets.

Several California-elected officials and union leaders initiated a call to the review team to emphasize that Harris has strong worker and political leader support in their home state. The call was made by Lt. Governor Eleni Kounalakis organized and included the mayors of Oakland, Long Beach and Stockton, as well as former governor Gray Davis.

"A group of us really felt that we had to organize, pronounce and correct the recording because it had tremendous support," said Kounalakis.

They not only emphasized their close relationship with Harris, but also pushed against the idea that Harris would not be a loyal partner.

Harris did not directly address her vice presidency prospects, but said Friday to a group of young black women that black women often encounter resistance when they exercise their power.

"There will be resistance to your ambition. There will be people who say to you: & # 39; you are not on your trail, & quot;" she said during the digital summit. "They are burdened by the fact that they only have the ability to see what was, instead of what can be … I have had this experience throughout my career."

Biden asked former President Barack Obama for feedback on his election, who provided advice but insisted that he make the choice, a person who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the private conversations.

Biden's allies say that his wife Jill and sister Valerie Biden Owens are likely to play a key role in the decision-making process, as they have done in many of Biden's greatest political decisions during his career. Jill has conducted online campaign events and fundraisers with virtually all potential competitors, as has Biden herself, in the past few weeks, effectively giving competitors a chance to try out the alleged democratic candidate.

On Thursday evening, Bass Biden joined for a virtual fundraiser that raised $ 2.2 million. She has also taken steps to build her national profile, including providing interviews to multiple outlets in the past week.

On Friday evening, Biden organized a virtual fundraiser with Elizabeth Warren, who is also considered a running mate. Biden said the event raised over $ 1.7 million from over 50,000 base donors. That's about a quarter of the $ 6 million raised by the Massachusetts Senator in her first online fundraiser for the former vice president last month, which raised donors with higher dollars.

"We have known each other for a long time. Their fearless work for a just America has changed life and inspired millions, including me," said Biden. "She is something else. You all know her."

Warren said, "This is a time of unprecedented crises."

"But I wake up with a heart full of hope every day, and here's why: Vice President Biden is currently meeting," she added. The two chatted for almost an hour, but did not mention the Vice President selection process.

Some Biden donors have already started planning potential fundraisers before the official announcement. Biden's team expects his running companion to contribute immediately to his fundraiser. Of the finalists, Harris is considered to be the most impressive traditional fundraiser, while Warren's ability to win donations in small dollars from the party's progressive base is also seen as a great asset.

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