George Soros offers $ 116,000 to PAC, who helps the notorious St. Louis prosecutor

Radically liberal billionaire George Soros has just put $ 116,000 in a PAC that supports controversial St. Louis prosecutor Kimberly Gardner, who has come under fire for persecuting Missouri's former GOP governor and a couple who while a Black Lives Matters showed his weapons (under threat) protest.

A Missouri Ethics Committee, filed on Saturday, found Soros made the donation to the Missouri Justice and Public Security PAC, which was set up to assist Gardner. The submission also showed that Soros is the only donor to the PAC.

The PAC has already spent $ 104,393, including $ 77,804 directly for Gardner. The money that Soros donated was used by the PAC to pay back previous debts they made to support Gardner, who has an elementary school on Tuesday. The full report can be found here: GardnerPACSorosDonation.pdf.

When elected in 2016, the Democratic Gardner was supported by Soros-funded PACs that helped left-wing prosecutors across America forge a progressive platform for criminal justice reform. It soon hit the headlines nationwide when it filed charges against the then Republican governor of Missouri, Eric Greitens, and forced him to resign.

However, Gardner finally revealed that she did not have enough evidence to substantiate her allegations, and she is currently being investigated for her behavior in this case. In addition, according to Just the News, the former chief investigator of the public prosecutor's office is awaiting trial against allegations of manipulation.

Gardner has made nationwide headlines again in the past few weeks after criminally indicting Mark and Patricia McCloskey for having pulled out their weapons when Black Lives Matters protesters invaded their private property on June 28. This has led to a national dialogue on the rights of the second change, Missouri. Castle Doctrine on protecting your own home and whether the persecution of the couple is political.

The Missouri governor, Michael Parson, has already said he will excuse the McCloskeys if they are convicted, and the Missouri Attorney General, Eric Schmitt, has publicly stated that he intends to dismiss the case.

Michael Vachon, a Soros spokesman, replied to this report, saying that the PACs funded by the billionaire have never denied helping prosecutors like Gardner reform the criminal justice system.

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This piece was written on August 2, 2020 by PoliZette employees. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used with permission.

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