McConnell provides GOP candidates permission to dump Trump … yeah, good luck with that

Susan Collins is concerned. She has damn good reason to be, because Sara Gideon is smashing Collins in fundraising and running ahead of her in the polls. It’s gotten bad enough that Collins is running ads in which her only attack on Gideon is that the Democratic candidate wants to do too many good things. Gideon should just run the same ad.

In past cycles, Collins has been the epitome of exactly what McConnell is talking about now—a Republican who votes with Republican leadership on every important issue, then discovers her “independence” in election season. But Collins, like every other Republican, finds that her suit of independent camo has been repainted in screaming orange after she supported a long line of unsuitable Trump nominees—topped off with Brett Kavanaugh—and then found that a little thing like strong-arming a foreign government to provide false evidence in a U. S. election wasn’t enough to warrant a vote against Trump.

And Collins is the best of them. Let that sink in. Mitch McConnell is telling a group of people who have been more consistent and more vocal Trump supporters than Susan Collins, that they should now go forth and pretend that there’s a dime’s worth of daylight between them and the man currently trying to win the White House by undercutting election integrity and hoping that people in Democratic states will die.

That’s not the only reason it’s about three and a half years too late for Republicans to begin demonstrating this independence. Having bowed down to Trump and refused to call him out over any statement, no matter how ridiculous, racist, or facistic, Republicans are absolutely wedded to those policies. There is no Republican Party except the Donald Trump Party. There’s not a single Republican voter who will reward them for being flexible. Absolute loyalty is their only real play, even if that means hanging onto the tail of the Trumptanic as it heads for the ocean floor.

Because there is definitely one person who will make sure that if they do try to claim any independence from Trump, they stand no chance at all—that’s Donald Trump. Shooting “independent” Republicans in the back has been Trump’s favorite sport. McConnell may have given them permission to edge away from Trump, Trump hasn’t. The moment any Republican says a thing that seems counter to Trump’s most muddle-headed utterance … Trump smash.

No matter what Mitch McConnell says, Republicans signed onto Team Trump in 2016 and utterly sealed their fate in January.  They might as well just site back and enjoy the ride, because they long ago sold their souls.

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