The Trump marketing campaign suspends most tv editions lower than 100 days earlier than the election

The Trump campaign has halted most of its television advertising spending as part of a "review" of its election strategy. Digital advertising has also been discontinued for the time being.

The campaign is reportedly under review after the downgrading of campaign manager Brad Parscale. The move will take place less than 100 days before the election on November 3.

A campaign official explained the decision to NBC News.

"The change in leadership in the campaign is understandably reviewing and refining the campaign's strategy," said the official.

"We will be on the air again shortly and expose Joe Biden even more as a puppet of the radical left."

However, there are other signs that the campaign is not going well and that a late game review is under way.

The Trump campaign has moved away from advertising in the past week and appears to have no ad purchases for August, according to several reports.

In the meantime, the campaign and Trump's Super PAC no longer buy radio and television ads in the crucial battlefield state of Michigan. The local voters gave the President a little support in 2016 and helped him reach the White House.

In contrast, former Vice President Joe Biden's campaign has increased spending in Michigan. The Democrats probably hope to turn the state around and rebuild the “blue wall”.

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