Rep. Louie Gohmert exams optimistic for COVID-19

Politico reports Gohmert tested positive during a pre-screening at the White House in preparation for flying with Donald Trump to Gohmert’s home state of Texas this morning.

Gohmert has insisted that he did not need to wear a mask, and only would if he himself contracted the virus. He has also, as usual, been eager to call Democratic measures to contain the virus “Marxism,” possibly out of genuine ignorance as to what either Marxism or infectious disease safety measures entail.

COVID-19 is a potentially deadly disease, can have serious long-term consequences, and even in non-deadly cases can take an extended length of time to recover from. Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has been hospitalized and on oxygen for nearly a month after contracting the virus shortly after attending Donald Trump’s “reopening” campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

There is no indication that Gohmert is symptomatic, or where Gohmert first contracted the virus, or when Gohmert was last tested before this morning. He has had maskless contact with numerous other House Republicans, Republican staff, William Barr, and others on Capital Hill as recently as yesterday afternoon—at one point during the Barr hearing, committee chair Jerry Nadler had to chastise multiple committee Republicans for violating committee rules when they removed their masks, though Gohmert was not among those he singled out. We can expect, then, that he has spread the virus to some significant extent.

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