Trump Admin Sanctions 11 Chinese language Corporations Over Uighur Oppression

The Trump administration has slapped sanctions on eleven Chinese companies over the oppression of Uighurs by their communist government.

Sanctions For Multiple Chinese Companies

Eleven Chinese companies were added to the “Entity List” by the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Identity and Security (BIS). The eleven companies added to the list, all of which will face sanctions when it comes to trading with the United States, are each involved in the oppression of the Uighurs in Xinjiang. Nine of them have connections to forced labor practices, and two are involved in collecting the DNA of Uighurs to further their repression.

“Beijing actively promotes the reprehensible practice of forced labor and abusive DNA collection and analysis schemes to repress its citizens,” said Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross. “This action will ensure that our goods and technologies are not used in the Chinese Communist Party’s despicable offensive against defenseless Muslim minority populations.”

“Beijing actively promotes the reprehensible practice of forced labor and abusive DNA collection and analysis schemes to repress its citizens,” said @SecretaryRoss.

Read more: https://t.co/Whm19jaU1r pic.twitter.com/CclEjkzbjX

— U.S. Commerce Dept. (@CommerceGov) July 20, 2020


A Genocide Against The Uighurs

If you’re wearing a mask right now to protect yourself from the coronavirus, it may very well come from a factory in Xinjiang, made by Uighurs forced into creating them. The New York Times’s investigative team discovered disturbing images and practices from the region, including the forced transfer of Uighurs out of Xinjiang to work in factories across China.

[email protected] and @hrcberkeley first highlighted this issue to us. Companies in the labor transfer program are often in labor-intensive industries, so they asked: is the growing and labor-intensive P.P.E. manufacturing also using Uighur workers?https://t.co/e5oz643q5a

— Muyi Xiao (@muyixiao) July 19, 2020

… news reports and public records. We found the number of companies making P.P.E. increased from 4 (pre-Covid19) to 51 (as of June 30). At least 17 of them participate in the labor program. This is the data on companies IN Xinjiang where most of the transferred Uighurs end up. pic.twitter.com/eg8pULZ1ta

— Muyi Xiao (@muyixiao) July 19, 2020

To better understand the proportion of different transfer destinations: Chinese state media says by the end of this April, 292k people from southern Xinjiang had been put in the program –– 210k transferred to jobs nearby, 72k trans-regionally within Xinjiang, 10k to outside.

— Muyi Xiao (@muyixiao) July 19, 2020


The Uighur population right now are practically being subject to genocidal conditions. The forced labor program is only one example. Recently, a disturbing video emerged, with drone footage showing them being loaded onto trains going God knows where. The Chinese ambassador to the UK could not explain what he saw when confronted with these images.

‘Can I ask you why people are kneeling blindfolded and shaven and being led to trains in modern #China?’

Andrew Marr asks the Chinese ambassador Liu Xiaoming to explain the disturbing drone footage reportedly showing #Uighur men blindfolded and cuffed. pic.twitter.com/WJ90hzVMdC

— Sara Firth (@Sara__Firth) July 19, 2020

The Left Don’t Care About Oppression When They Can’t Use It To Seize Power

Where is the left on this? Why are they not the ones calling for the sanctions against these Chinese companies in the first place? Simple – it’s because they don’t care. The left have always used the narrative of oppression of minorities, but only when it suits their own agenda, and to gain them more power. There is no power to be gained in shining a light on a potential genocide halfway around the globe.

Moreover, a number of them most likely back the Chinese government to begin with. I mean, a brutal, communist regime is exactly what they want to implement over here! The next time a communist asks you if “black lives matter,” ask them if Uighur lives matter too.

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