Trump Tax Returns Case Strikes At Gentle Velocity As Supreme Court docket Points Formal Ruling

The Supreme Court has granted a request from Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance and Trump’s lawyers to issue an immediate formal ruling on Trump’s tax returns.

CNN reported:

The US Supreme Court granted the Manhattan district attorney’s request to immediately issue its judgment in the case over President Donald Trump’s tax returns, paving the way for new challenges to a grand jury subpoena to be handled by a lower court judge.


The district attorney asked for that time to be cut short, and Trump’s attorney agreed. Friday, Chief Justice John Roberts said the request is granted.

It usually takes 25 days for a judgment to formally issued by the Supreme Court. The speed-up means that the case is still on an accelerated timeline. Trump only has a month to add new challenges to the subpoena from the Manhattan DA.

The President’s stall tactics have fallen flat. The DA could have Trump’s tax returns and business documents during the heart of the 2020 presidential election. It is not out of the realm of possibility that Trump or members of his family could be indicted in New York as voters are going to the polls in the fall.

None of it is going the way that Trump wanted, as his luck may have finally run out on hiding his tax returns and potentially criminal activity before the election.

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