Kennedy Slams Invoice de Blasio For Being A ‘Commie’ After He Supported Defunding The Police

Fox Business host Kennedy slammed New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s comments on defunding the police, labelling him a “commie.”

Kennedy: “He’s Using The Word ‘Redistribution’ Like A Shameful Pinko”

Kennedy appeared on Fox News’s “The Five” on Tuesday with host Dana Perino, who put the question to Kennedy about how she felt about the recent support from de Blasio of the radical left’s “defund the police” movement.

“You are a mom, you live in the city and wonder what you are feeling right now as the crime rates in the city continue to skyrocket,” Perino noted.

“A majority of New Yorkers… do not want to defund the police,” Kennedy responded, adding that “they actually have good interactions with NYPD. By and large they want that institution to stay intact.”

However, the problem is with de Blasio himself, and that he is “a commie,” Kennedy argued.

“He’s using the word ‘redistribution’ like a shameful pinko. And what’s going to happen here, and this is what’s so awful is they are going to demoralise the department so badly, you’re not going to have the necessary philosophical changes needed for true police reform,” she continued.

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Crime Will Go Up If You Defund The Police, It’s As Simple As That!

“What’s going to happen is you’re going to have more officers leaving the department, going to different departments, or leaving the profession entirely,” Kennedy said. “Crime is going to go up and then you’re going to see unfortunately a mass exodus of people who now because of the pandemic can work from home, and they don’t want to pay exorbitant taxes that are going to programs that are toothless and totally underserving.”

I couldn’t agree more with Kennedy! Bill de Blasio is simply a “commie” who doesn’t care what the majority of ordinary New Yorkers want. He wants to push through a hardcore, radical, left-wing agenda, and damn the consequences! When crime goes up in New York, you know who to blame.

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