Trump obtained a bounty briefing for Russia, however didn’t learn it

The DNI refused to respond when asked if Trump was informed in his daily written meeting about Russia banning US troops.

The White House is trying to claim that Trump has not been informed, but they will not say whether it was included in his daily briefing:

The office of the director of the National Intelligence Service, who said yesterday evening that Trump and Pence had never received a briefing on Russia's bounty information, declined to say whether the information was included in a written daily letter from the president

– Josh Lederman (@JoshNBCNews), June 28, 2020

The administration's refusal to say whether or not the information was included in Trump's daily short report answers the question. Trump has been informed. He didn't read it.

The White House idea that briefings count only when communicated to Trump orally, through crayon drawings, or in any way that can tolerate the President's four-second attention span is absurd.

A president should read the daily news program. It is part of his / her job. Trump ignored the information, which is not synonymous with non-admission. There are reports that Trump informed in late March. The government has not taken any action against Russia.

US troops are at risk because Donald Trump refuses to read.

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