Opinion: Trump empowers evangelicals to discriminate towards LBGTQ who search well being care

Trump is determined to grant religious freedom to religious Bigots to legally discriminate against LGBTQ + people, and during Pride Month he used the Health and Human Services Department to do the dirty work of religious rights.

When Trump gassed peaceful protesters in Washington DC to speed up church attendance, it was more than just doing a simple photo op. It was a clear call to his most reliable base to advance the hateful agenda of the evangelicals to accelerate theocratic rule.

Holding up the Christian Bible seemed as uncomfortable to the accomplished sinner Trump as it would have been to touch the U.S. constitution. However, for his evangelical acolytes, the picture was confirmation that Trump would grant the evangelicals the “religious freedom” they demanded, no matter how messy things looked, no matter how many innocent Americans died, or how many millions of jobs were sacrificed. It is worth noting that freedom of religion in religious republican circles means full authority to control the rest of the population – especially women and members of the LGBTQ + community.

There is no doubt that many evangelicals were anxiously awaiting approval to terrorize members of the LGBTQ + community with a favorable Supreme Court ruling. one that would literally legalize discrimination against gays and transgender people. Trump, who stood like a fool and held up the Christian Bible, was a nod to the evangelicals that their plan for theocracy was on schedule to first smash the LGBTQ community and then put women under the authority of the evangelicals. as soon as Trump's SCOTUS officer could start fulfilling Trump's religious campaign promises.

Although the High Court's decision that evangelicals cannot quit their jobs because of sexuality was long overdue and the only decision compatible with the 14th amendment to the Constitution, it has certainly angered quite a few evangelical fundamentalists and Republicans. In their twisted theocratic minds, it violated their version of "religious freedom" not to be able to openly discriminate against members of the LGBTQ + community.

Unimpressed by a High Court ruling or the concept of the 14th amendment prohibiting discrimination against an American, Trump said to SCOTUS and then attempted to legalize discrimination against the LGBTQ + community. On the fourth anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shootout, Trump's Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has officially withdrawn health rights for transgender Americans. as if they weren't American citizens.

Trump's deliberate evangelical plan "effectively excludes transgender and non-binary people from the fundamental protection of civil rights currently guaranteed by federal law and the United States Constitution."

Some Americans may remember that Trump gave religious law a valuable gift in December 2017 that effectively transshipped America's transgender people. According to the Evangelical fundamentalists who control Trump, transgender people are no longer an acceptable identity to receive health care.

Since dirty religious Bigots want to deny LGBTQ + people access to health care, Trump uses the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to “narrowly define gender as a biological, constant disease that is caused by genitals at birth ". As noted at the Huffington Post, Trump, as a special religious law, is "equivalent to an official government decree declaring that there is no transgender."

Undoubtedly, Trump's latest move not only served the religious legal cult, it also fulfilled the wishes of the United States Catholic Bishops' Conference (USCCB). The American bishops allied themselves with evangelical fundamentalists and were busy "guessing" Republicans and parents to reject transgender people as nonexistent, which led Trump's HHS to legalize discrimination against LGBTQ + people.

Jennifer Levi, director of the GLAD Transgender Rights Project, explained the obvious – unless America was controlled by malicious evangelicals. Ms. Levi said:

“Unfortunately, the new regulation requires healthcare providers and insurers to reject transgender people in their search for basic medical care. This is another stubborn policy that comes from a government that wants to appease the (religious) right and ignore solid legal and medical guidelines. It contradicts established case law, is dangerous for transgender people and cannot survive a legal challenge. "

DNC chairman Tom Perez said.

“This illegal attack on the health of LGBTQ + Americans and other marginalized communities is horrific, but tragically not surprising. Trump and (religious) Republicans are committed to undermining the rights of LGBTQ + people – at school, at work, at home, in the military, in social services, and in healthcare. And they will stop at nothing to snatch health care from millions of Americans. "(Author bold)

According to the President of the American Medical Association, Susan R. Bailey, Trump's theocratic edict contradicts the mandate of the medical profession to treat everyone. Doctor Bailey said:

“Respect for the diversity of patients is a fundamental value of the medical profession and is reflected in AMA's longstanding policies that address discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or a woman's choices about pregnancy, including termination. The federal government should never make it difficult for individuals to access healthcare – during a pandemic or at any other time. "(Author bold)

It is noteworthy that religion and nothing else are driving this archaic and hateful attack on people who, as the 14th Amendment makes it very clear, are "citizens of the United States" and are protected under the Constitution. It is also noteworthy that nowhere in this 14th amendment or in the entire constitution is there anything that remotely describes a group as being excluded from the protection of equality. Only Trump, Republicans, Racists, and Religious Cretans believe otherwise.

Trump does not need evangelical support to deny Americans constitutional equality. He has attacked almost every population group in the nation except the white evangelicals. It is unclear whether this hideous turn of events will be suppressed by the High Court, but if they protect LGBTQ + people from discrimination in the workplace, one can only hope that they will protect the same people from evangelicals who deny them medical care.

These religiously republicans are alleged followers of Christ who cheer for a man who willingly withholds health care from American citizens, just as they do when he gasses citizens to hold up a Bible.

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